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  • John H. Jenke "cruyff" - Nice synthesis of Historical jesus literature with interesting interpretive anglesAslan's book fills an important void for me -- a book that can give great and concise political, economic, social, philosophical, historical and religious background to the period of Jesus' life and that of the very early followers of Jesus. Teaching courses on the Acts of the Apostles or the Letters/Epistles of Paul, I often find the class grinding to a halt, as someone gets confused about the divergent groups within Judaism. This book covers that and a lot more. From the discussion over what a messiah is to a survey of apocalyptic perspectives in Judaism under Roman occupation, this book conveys the essential information. Last, but not least, Aslan constantly asks the reader to compare the historical Jesus with the Christological Jesus and see what comes from that comparison.

    Whether one agrees with some or all of Aslan's interpretations, the author does us a great service by providing such a concise and well-written survey.
  • Cindy K. Green - also a must for remote area'sI purchased this along with "women without doctors". This book did appear to have been used slightly more that I thought but still an excellent buy and none of the pages were removed or unusable. I left this book also in a remote village where medical care is difficult to get to. I would recommend this as a must have for those remote or unavailable medical treatment. It doesn't replace medical care but can provide some desperately needed help until it can arrive.
  • BBossMel - This is what we have been waiting for.What's more to be said? Greatness has arrived. I've been getting used to my PS4 over the first week and I just have to say I love it. It's simple gaming at it's best. Beautiful graphics, free game downloads from PS Plus, and a super fast UI that is much better than the PS3's interface. Right now there isn't an abundant of games out but that will change soon. I am excited for the new generation and am happy to have purchased a PS4. That price tag is just undeniably sweet.
  • Michelle Wayman - Love my fireI bought this to replace my first generation? kindle. I love the color touch screen! I can play Angry Birds on a bigger screen then my little iPod. I have found that I read more books on the Fire then I ever did on the old Kindle. I think it is the screen. Books don't take longer at all to download & turning the pages seems quicker too.
  • Patricia Kramer - africa, africa, africa,africa, africa, africa,africa,africa,africaAfrica times nine. It won't give anything away to say those are the last words in this book. And they are the perfect words to end with. My love affair continues with the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series, may there be many more.

    I would say the theme of this book is the value of being open minded and not jumping to conclusions. As many of the characters in this book learn something new about themselves, Andrew Mccall Smith tells their story as only he can.

    "Mma Makutsi looked down at her shoes. 'Give it a try, Boss!' She thought for a moment. 'Maybe, Mma,' she said. She sounded tentative at first, but then continued with growing conviction, 'Yes. I'll suggest that he's put in charge of supplies. Then one of two things will happen: he'll stop thieving because he's trusted, or....or he'll take everything. One of those things will happen.'

    That was not the spirit of Mma Potokwane's story, thought Mma Ramotswe, but one had to acknowledge Mma Makutsi's realism. 'Yes,' said Mma Ramotswe. 'It will decide matters one way or the other.'

    'He'll steal the lot, Boss', whispered Mma Makutsi's shoes."