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  • Jurgen Wolff - Not for artists only! Why this is a classic. Length:: 2:33 Mins

    Jurgen Wolff, author of "Creativity Now!" reviews Julia Cameron's classic work on how to empower yourself to be creative.Creativity Now: Get inspired, create ideas and make them happen now!
  • Elizabeth I. Knight-Smith - Align ProBioticsProBiotics have been recomended by all of my doctors & this was the brand mentioned first. I've been taking them for about 6 months & would recomend them to everyone that wants to keep their health top notch. If you ever have to take AntiBiotics for an illness you should take these when you're done to put all the good guys back in your body.
  • Shi-Hsia Hwa - Very clear - and influentialUPDATE: Last time I was home in 2006, my friend who's a nurse in a district hospital in the middle of nowhere (in Pahang state in the middle of west Malaysia; they see a lot of Orang Asal tribal patients with malnutrition) came to visit and I lent it to her. I think she really liked it because she didn't want to return it, but my parents wanted it back because it's an "heirloom" of sorts. So I got her her own copy of the latest edition.

    This was one of my favourite books as a child because I've always been interested in the biomedical sciences. Seriously, the text and diagrams are straightforward enough for a six-year-old to understand, an important thing in developing countries where literacy varies. One of the things it addresses well is the importance of both combating superstition among rural people and the need for the healthcare worker to do so without being arrogant. It's probably had a big influence on my decision to study infectious diseases.
  • Cynthia Beach - Hurray Dr Phil!I have been listening to Dr Phil for years. There are times I need to be knocked on the head to get me out of my box. This book was helpful for me in a more of a language shift. Several other self helpers had addressed this issue for me before and I didn't get it. Dr Phil had a wonderful way in wording this issue so I didn't blame myself and found the gentle yet persistent way to get myself prepared for living my life 'in the world' as it is. Thanks Dr Phil.