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  • Joel D. Pennington, Jr. - 5 Star FitnessAfter reading several (over 100) reviews) I decided to purchase this program. It is well worth the money! Fitness 2012 has four different levels to start your program with as well as allowing you to choose your goals. It keeps a count of how many calories you burn and also will correct your form while doing your exercises. There are a multitude of exercises to choose from and several levels inside to keep you advancing. I have been using this for three weeks now and have to say I have been sore the whole time due to the incredible workouts it will put you through. If you buy it, be ready to have a workout! I would recommend this to anyone wanting to get back into shape or keep you in shape.
  • chance - for use Paramedic schoolI am a Paramedic student in my second year of schooling. This book is great for drug profiling. It gives every detail needed about the drug, and then more. The only thing I found peculiar was the fact that Adenosine is listed under: Less commonly used drugs.
  • Anthony Harvey - Great book that opens your mind in regards to Cable companiesTo connect every American to a world-class Internet, we need to confront the market power of phone and cable companies and open the way for alternatives, such as the municipal broadband networks communities are building across the country. We need to do this not just to benefit Internet users but to regain America's global standing in an increasingly networked world.