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  • JIsaacs8 - Save your phone battery and use the iPad Mini

    I love my iPad Mini. I was using my iPhone for everything you can imagine and it was draining my phone battery. Whenever I got a call, it would kick off my game or whatever app I was running. Now that I have the iPad, I pretty much only use my phone as a phone and I can talk while still using my apps. Another thing I noticed while using my iPhone was the considerable amount of eye strain it was causing. The larger screen on the iPad mini is perfect. I also like the size of the mini versus the regular iPad. It's small enough to tote around with me where ever I go and it sits nicely on the couch arm if you have a case that props it up. I highly recommend the iPad if you want a larger gaming area for games such as Hay Day and Candy Crush.

  • Tom N - Great computer replacement for non-techies?

    I own multiple tablets (iPad 1st gen, Kindle Fire 1st gen, BlackBerry Playbook). This is the best so far.

    It's mostly the fact that all Android apps just work on it, but it's more. The tablet comes with so many standard devices that phones do, that stuff just works. For example, a GPS for Google Maps a mic for voice input, etc.


    1. Get the keyboard. It completely changes this device's uses.

    2. Turn off the trackpad. It's too sensitive when typing. Ideally, someone could just turn off trackpad clicks, but that feature doesn't exist... so just turn off the trackpad and touch the screen.

    3. Combine with a 4G wifi hotspot device and this thing goes anywhere.

    4. Install the Puffin browser for speedy internet access. It's a little buggy sometimes, but the speed is worth it.

  • Chris - Facinating read

    I'm not a historian, but it appeared to me a lot of research had gone into the book. I found the background about each of the rulers of that era fascinating as well as what happened to them after Jesus death. The harshness of the times as well as the extent of the cruelty inflicted upon Rome's critics & enemies was hard to read. The book certainly helped me understand the world Jesus was born into & why things went down the way they did, especially the roll the temple priests..I did have some questions. It seemed to me John had been described in the Bible as a relative of Jesus. Didn't Mary go to visit John's mother when she found out she was pregnant? THe book portrays them meeting for the 1st time at the Jordan.

  • T. K. Paul "imatyak" - No problems whatsoever.

    I have previous experience with Creator in the limited versions that used to come preinstalled on computers or with an installation disk. I've never had issues with the burning aspect of Creator, so I was pretty sure I wouldn't have trouble with this version.

    I read in other reviews that the installation was time consuming and I did not have that experience at all. (It was so quick that I wondered if I did something wrong.) I probably won't use all the features, but did some checking to see if everything opened and worked correctly; it did.

    The video editing portion is basic, but more than sufficient for most people's needs. I will say it handled HD video from my Panasonic camcorder with ease. In fact, it opened the footage faster than Corel's Video Studio. I was able to make a short film of my son's track meets in just a few minutes and burned it to a DVD quite easily. Because I've had experience with many video editing programs, I'm familiar with different layouts and such. I found this software's layout somewhat basic, but quite capable. The same could be said for photo editing. The slideshow is really nothing special. If you want really good slideshow software, you need Proshow Gold. The somewhat older version I use is buggy, but produces the best slideshows I've ever seen.

    My son makes MP3 disks using Creator all the time. He told me that the MP3 disks made with Creator are more likely to work than those made with Windows Media Player.

    This is the fastest burning software I've ever used. If I copy a DVD filled with pictures and short videos, it will copy in less than 4 minutes. A DVD with a 45 minute video copied in less than 6 minutes. I think that is quite impressive.

  • Lost in America - You will not believe the sound from this bluetooth speaker...

    I had 2nd thoughts after purchasing online, even went to listen to the Braven series (440,650,850), today. My TDK came in a week early (one of my reasons for canceling), showed up today! I am so glad I did not return/cancel/etc/ This is an unbelievable bluetooth speaker, with the sound comparable and maybe better to the Braven 850 (20 watts) and < half the cost!. I cannot believe there aren't any reviews to look at in the major pubs. with the exception of Consumer Reports and they gave it a best buy rating. The sound is simply clear, with the volume up loud or down low, no discernible distortion, clean sound. I used to have a pair of Klispch ($800 a pair) paired with a Yamaha Pure sound receiver made in the early 80's, they were awesome and this little unit reminds me of the clarity, not as loud of a course, but quality nonetheless. I listen to a varied music selection: Early Pink Floyd (listen to Echoes and you will not be disappointed), The Outlaws, Green Grass and High Tides), Genesis, Selling England by the Pound and Seconds Out!,King Crimson (In the Court...) etc. Thank you Amazon for initially halting the "stop my order" process. This is well worth the $119!!!!!!!! PS, I am using an iPhone 5s....EXCELLENT sound!