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  • Miss Cheryl A. Maber - the warlocks last ride by christopher stasheffthe warlocks last ride is a really great read, would recomment it to any one who is a science fiction fanactic like myself I love it, the book arrived on time, was in great condition, and I would use amazonmarket place again, was terrific, I couldnt put the book down, just wish I could get them on ebooks
  • Nerissa Cruz "Smarter than you think" - Does what it says it will doEarly in my adolescence, I had an eating disorder where I starved myself, abused laxatives and therefore, ruined any ability I had to have a normal bowel movement. Now in my 30's, I often get constipated and bloated so, I did a lot of research and found this product. I've been taking it as-needed for over a year now and it's consistent and quite effective. I don't even have to take more than one pill at a time and it does what I need it to do. When I take any more, I cramp a little bit and it can be uncomfortable. So, I would recommend this product highly but make sure you take the dosage that works well for you and your needs.
  • Antonio Figl "RockSLUG" - One of my Top10 All-Time FavoritesThere is no doubt in my mind that this CD contains some of the best music that has been ever recorded or written, bar none. When it comes to judging the strength of a piece, I weigh the emotional impact that it delivers to me very highly. If I cry and shivers are running down my spine, I know that I am in the company of greatness. Animals always does this to me. David Gilmour is such a wonderful guitarist at pulling emotion from every note, I always felt that (with all due respect to Roger Waters) the emotional nexus was firmly in Gilmour's fingers. And the solos and guitar playing in Animals were never equaled again (sporadically, yes, but never throughout the recording). Dogs and Pigs are the best among the best that a great group had to offer.
  • Just Me - A great product!My daughter and I decided to purchase this bike rack when we learned that it would cost less than renting bicycles for our two week Florida vacation in late October, early November. We were planning to carry three adult and two children's bicycles nearly 900 miles one way. I have to admit we were skeptical. We planned an hour the night before we were to leave to load all five bikes. We loaded the larger bikes first and used bike carrier bars (an added expense) on three of the bikes. It took a little longer than we had planned and we did use a ratchet strap to pull everything together. The instructions were a little difficult to understand but by going step by step we were able to put it all together. On the way down to Florida from Ohio we lost a couple of the small components that were to provide stability, but loading to come home went very quickly and we didn't really miss the pieces. There was no damage to any of the bikes either going or coming home. Let me add that the carrier arrived very quickly. I ordered it on the 15th of the month and it arrived well before our departure date of the 26th. We could not have been more pleased, both with ourselves, the supplier, and the bike rack! We took pictures. I wish there was a way to include one of them in the review.