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  • Stephanie Obley - This really worked for me!I received this free from Smiley360 to try. I was skeptical at first. I have tried everything under the sun for decades. I kid you not when I say I put it on at the very first sign of a cold sore and it stopped it in its tracks. It didn't immediately go away, but it never got any bigger, didn't spread, hubby didn't even know I had it. You could hardly see it. And in 2 days it was completely gone. No bleeding, no scab, no nothing. I am SOLD!
  • ang - This book has saved my life!I say that because since 2006, I have had to take Lasix, for anyone who does not know, Lasix is a prescription water pill. You have no idea how grateful I am to the author of this book. I have only been on this plan for one week and I noticed a difference in my body on day 2. I have not had to take one water pill since last Sunday, July 28. If the reader of my review is or has been in the same boat as I, then you know what it's like to be on water pills; having to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes, not being able to bend over and pick something up either because your abdomen is too full of water or you are out of breath just from bending over. I suffered from all of that plus more. I never took my Lasix as prescribed, which was every day because it is not convenient. I even considered filing for social security disability because it was so hard to work, but I WANTED to be healthy. Now, because of her plan, I don't have too.

    I've read some of the negative reviews, especially the one that complained about not being able to eat processed food, or artificial sweeteners. Also that reviewer said she thought the portion sizes were too small. I weighed 275 lbs. when I bought this book, I don't think they are too small. I will say though, that while I did follow the portion sizes at first, I noticed that as long as I stick to the plan, don't eat anything other than what is on the list, I have been able to eat a little bit bigger portion sizes. Not overdoing it, but a little more. I've tried every diet and never, not once have I not been able to take my water pills. I can't explain enough how indebted I feel to this author. For years I have prayed and prayed to God to not be able to take water pills anymore.

    I think the hardest part about this plan is on days 3 and 4 when you only eat protein and veggies. What was hard about those days was trying to find something I could eat, but you know what? I made it through it, and actually a lot easier than I thought I would. I never once felt deprived, nor did I have any cravings to cheat or eat something that wasn't on the list.

    The only thing I can say is just give this plan a try because you have nothing to lose except the weight.
  • studiorow "studiorow" - My Pillow ExperienceI watched the infomercial a few dozen times not by choice but because its on at 2am. When I went to the San Diego County Fair last week I saw the exhibit for My Pillow and took the opportunity to listen to the presentation and ask questions. I felt the pillow before I purchased it. I am a side sleeper that usually ends up on my back. This causes major sleep apnea problems. I tried the pillow and I love it. You have to puff up the pillow before resting your head in the center if you sleep on your side. Or create a neck roll by rolling the pillow if you sleep on your back. This pillow is amazing and different. I bought so many pillows at Bed, Bath and Beyond over the years claiming to be pillows for "Side Sleepers" and I'm usually disappointed. I also purchased the pet bed from My Pillow for my dogs. Its the same My Pillow with a dog cover on it. My Pomeranians take turns sleeping on the pet bed. They love it. And I purchased the mattress topper by My Pillow. I have a mattress with memory foam and each morning when I wake up the mattress is wet from sweat that pools up around my body. The My Pillow mattress topper actually keeps you cool during the summer and warm during the winter. Since I haven't had time to experience the different seasons I hope this is true. So far so good. I didn't sweat the first night I slept on the My Pillow mattress topper. I haven't had any problems with bad odors with any of the products. The cost of the pillows are expensive but a good nights sleep is priceless. I'm very happy with my purchases directly from MyPillow.com at the County Fair. I would recommend the product to anyone seeking a good nights sleep.
  • Barbara A. Davis "silver_rose5" - I was surprisedI got this game for my daughter. She isn't quite old enough to play it yet, but when her aunt who is 11 comes over she enjoys playing it so much. Though something I would consider "kiddie" it is still refreshing to play. I was really surprised at how much fun I would have trying to teach my daughter how to play.