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  • Philip J Simmons - Great Lightweight StrollerI was looking for a compact stroller for my two year old and occasional use by my four year old. I chose this stroller because it has a 55 pound weight limit, it reclines, has a large sun shade, and folds compactly. It also has a good sized basket for an umbrella type stroller, I was able to fit diapers, wipes, 6 water bottles, and a few other items in the bottom of the stroller. However these items would be hard to reach if the set was reclined for sleeping.
  • Adrian Groglopo - A necessary bokVery well found it and important sources from the time scientific medicine research was not biased by pharmacological corporations. A guide for a healthier understanding of food-body relationship for people with or without severe intestinal problems.
  • Keith French - Uranium by mail!I spent years buying this stuff from Libyans in mall parking lots. I just cannot tell you how difficult my life has been, dealing with sketchy and heavily armed individuals, inconstant quality and availability, and when the Libyans are not shooting at you, the Dept. of Homeland Security tends to have a lot of questions for you. Not to mention now you have so much competition for this resource from both the North Koreans and the Iranians. But now I have a reliable, and safe way to power the flux capacitor in my DeLorean up to 1.21 jiggawatts. Let me tell you finding places to get a lightning bolt to strike my car was getting more and more difficult.
  • sjd402 - Thanks for the memories.Thank you Sarah for a beautiful book, for reminding everyone, even if they don't want to know, of the true meaning of Christmas. When I read this book, I also relive a lot of my own memories as well as getting to share Sarah's. I live in the city of the birth of the freedom from religion movement and fight it every day. Thanks again Sarah.
  • D. Ro "BadKitty88" - The perfect heating pad!This heating pad is great. Has an "Always On" feature which is often hard to find. The plush cover is wonderful to touch. The extra large dimensions make it ideal for the entire length of ones back. The cord is a generous length. The controller lights up to easily change settings in the dark, and stays dimly lit at all times to locate it easily in the first place. The only negative I can imagine is that the controller buttons click rather loudly when changing settings, which I suppose could disturb the sleep of a partner in bed.