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  • Kat "katrod33" - Fascinating book - well writtenI just finished reading "Still Missing" by Chevy Stevens and am sorry it has ended. It was a great book. The characters were believable and the plot interesting and unique. The plot dealt with abduction, abuse and betrayal. It was well written and held my attention, I couldn't put it down. I haven't read a book like that in a while. I know that a lot of people would have a problem with some of the unsavory parts but without them the story would not be same. Those parts of the book were not as disturbing as others I have read, including James Patterson. I highly recommend this book. Congratulations Ms. Stevens for a job well done.
  • Chris - Sunbeam 2013-912 Heating Padi did a lot of research to find a heating pad for my particular needs. After much online research I found that the Sunbeam 2013-912 met my needs. Most people need heating pads for several reasons, however I needed one for an unresolved condition where my toes under any circumstances are extremely cold. Outside or inside my home. I like the Sunbeam heating pad cause it has more than several heating temperatures as well as a 2 hour automatic turn off in case I forget to turn it off. My toes always felt like they had frost bite, now using the heating pad the pain is relieved and once the doctors can resolve the cause of the pain I can continue to use the heating pad for other applications. By the way my animals 2 cats and a small dog also love it. May have to get them their own. Especially my Yorkie! Thank you Sunbeam for an excellent product with all the options I needed.
  • Theresa M. Studer "Terra57" - Tall, Dark and Handsome already applied!This book was like coming home to family after some time away. I loved it. Kerrelyn Sparks has given us tall, dark and handsome with a bit of a bite. I can tell you that black panthers will never look the same to me again after reading this one. Growl!!!

    Caitlyn Whelan has been separated from her sister for far too long and upon receiving an invitation to her nephew's birthday party she decides that it is high time to reconnect. Having dear old dad tell her to stay away from Shannon and her family, Caitlyn decides to do what she has been doing best for awhile, rock the boat and go see family she didn't even know existed. She's all about chances and this is one chance that she doesn't plan to miss.

    Carlos Panterra is tall, dark and handsome, comes from Brazil with all kinds of baggage and is a were panther in search of a mate. His kind are on the verge of extinction so finding said mate would need be were panther the same as he is. You know there's a monkey wrench here don't you folks. The pretty kitty is extremely attracted to one tall leggy blond who in all respects is off limits on a multitude of reasons the main being she's mortal. Maybe just a little taste and nibble will settle this kitty to purring while in the hunt of his life.

    There's lots of everything here ranging from passion to hatred, temptation enough to make anyone drool and action that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat till the very end of the book. You could read this as an alone book but there is some back reference that would help you out in the few instances as they arise. Kudos to Kerrelyn for another great read.
  • Christine (The Bookish Daydreamer) - Fantastic new dystopian series!I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

    I went into this book eager and excited to learn more about this thing called "The Testing." Having Cia's father's last departing words in the summary piqued my interest, big time. Why can't you trust anyone?! What's so dark about being tested to further your education? When I got an ARC from the publisher (Thanks so much HMHKIDS!) I could not wait to dive into this world. I had to hold off for a couple of weeks due to scheduling but once I finally started reading, I couldn't set it down! School and life demanded my attention so unfortunately, I had to stop reading. But the next minute I was free, I was grabbing this book up again. Needless to say, THE TESTING doesn't disappoint!

    I've seen a couple of reviewers claiming that THE TESTING is like the HUNGER GAMES. I don't necessarily agree with that statement. I'll explain why: In a post-apocalyptic world, after the deadly Seven Stages of World, Earth is left ravaged, broken, and hardly sustainable to life. A group of survivors came together, created the United Commonwealth, and started the revitalization of Earth. Fast forward a hundred years or so later, and enter Cia Vale. She lives in the Five Lakes Colony with her family and University graduate father. Without him, new species of plants would not have been developed and everyone would die. (Basically. I'm kind of stretching it a bit). When Cia is chosen for The Testing after graduation, her father is not very pleased. He's gone through it, before.

    Cia and the 3 other members of her colony are the first chosen candidates from Five Lakes in years. The competition sees them as no threat. The Testing is a series of tests that not only test the candidates' intellect, but also their character, leadership, ability to work in group, and survive. *cue creepy music* Now, while I can see how some people drew parallels to the HUNGER GAMES, this book has its own flare, spice, and really, its own unique premise. THE TESTING is all about learning who you can and cannot trust, being able to decipher the Testing officials cryptic directions, outsmarting said directions and the other competition, and using the skills and knowledge that has been instilled in you since birth to come out of the Testing alive. This book is a smart book. After reading it and seeing just how brilliant Cia is and her ability to figure out what the Testing officials were actually looking for, I realized I'd probably fail the test. Hard. There are some devious candidates who are willingly to do almost anything to pass the tests. And while the candidates do have to go through a certain test that sees their ability to survive on the ravaged planet, those are the only two ways I would really compare it to The HUNGER GAMES.

    I absolutely loved Cia. She's not some "I can take on the world without breaking a sweat" character that you see from a lot of dystopians. She is young. She is scared. She makes people think she is brave, even if she isn't exactly feeling that way at the time. She is cautious. She is willingly to make sacrifices if it means doing the right thing. She trusts a little too easily. She is real. I could not have imagined a better character for this story. I loved watching her grow but also seeing the vulnerable side that a real teenager would exhibit if they were thrown into the real world, so fast, with no idea what the next day might bring. I would be terrified to be sent away from home to take part in The Testing. You have no idea what it's going to be like. If my dad told me the things that Cia's father told her the night before she left, I wouldn't go...if you weren't forced to go, that is.

    Tomas. Tomas. Tomas. I have such a hard time with, you! He seems like the perfect, swoon-worthy gentleman who acts like he's had a secret thing for Cia for quite some time. I loved how he wanted to form an alliance with Cia. But after what Cia's dad said, I never could fully trust him. After all the sweet and encouraging things he did to ease Cia's mind, I still had this little bug in my ear saying "don't get too attached!" I'm not going to tell you whether you should trust him or not. You need to read the book to find out! And really, you probably need to read the second book: INDEPENDENT STUDY to make your mind up.

    And that brings me to my last point: the ending. I'm a sucker for a good ending. And Ms. Charbonneau, you're killing me with that ending! She ends the novel at such a pivotal point! I have to wait until January '14 to see what happens next?! It's not necessarily a cliff hanger but man, it ended at such a good part. I definitely said, out loud, "NO. You can't just end now!"

    To sum everything up: I would definitely recommend this book to all dystopian/post-apocalyptic fans! While there may be some aspects that The HUNGER GAMES fans would enjoy, Joelle Charbonneau has created a unique world with a rigorous and daunting Testing regimen that I don't think I would even be able to pass. She uses syntax to her and the Testing officials advantage, challenging readers to see if they are paying as careful attention as is required for the candidates to move on to the next round. With a realistic and admirable main character, THE TESTING is sure to keep your attention until the very last sentence. But be careful of who you decide to trust!
  • Mikss - Be Honest : Possibly BEST Portable Speaker EVER !I was wait for it came out over month , and finally receive it .
    I own and check many different kind of portable speakers and many different headphones from brand like : Beats,Bose,Logitech, and others .
    I was search for many month and compare so many different portable speakers around shops like Best Buy and Fry's . I was looking for something portable and compact to easy to care but with serious sound quality and also want to have room-filling sound with great base . The few speakers i was thinking of Bose Bluetooth speaker and Beats .
    Bose have serious sound quality and probably one of the best , and if you listen classic music its definitely best choice for you . Beats " Headphones if Great nothing to say , myself i own 3-4 of different one , but speaker i feel good but not that great as headphones . Beats Pill looks beautiful and portable but as i see its doesn't sound loud and have amazing base , as i said good but not great .
    Then i was look at that one and TDK A73 boombox ( very want get it , but i think to big for to always care it ) , so at the end got this one . Before i order i see they have some serious two 1.5 inch drivers + 2 3inch radiators+1 2.2 subwoofer = which is very serous things for that little thing and should make a blast when you volume it up . Also it weather proof which make it easy to care it everywhere . Nice and clean design also .
    When i receive then in the shipping box before i open then i already realize , that is a good speaker . The weight of itself not a light speaker , and as everyone know the heavier speaker having better quality and better drivers . But its not that heavy to take it around 3.6 pounds . But compare other speakers this one feels much more expensive and quality when you hold it .
    And when i payed it , trust me i was very impressed : after few years of searching best portable speaker which great quality , good price , great and powerful base and loud volume this is definitely winner.
    When i turn it to the top in my room i feel like around have a really PRO acoustic system , and not a little portable speaker .

    Cons: didn't find anything yet .

    So what i will said :
    If music for nice and clean sound for classic music maybe BOSE Bluetooth is best ,but with more price and not that good base as TDK .
    if you looking for affordable price , bluetooth portable speakers , great and strong base , loud volume , speaker fir a "little" party , serious sound and room filling sound - TDK A33 its definitely best choice , and you would not find the better option ;)