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  • Andrea Voss - Love it, love it, love it!!!!I never write reviews but I felt compelled to share my experience with everyone. I used to be extremely self conscience about my acne and weight. I have literally tried everything but nothing ever worked. My friend told me about uranium and she was right, I have been drinking it in small doses over the last month and even though i can no longer see, people tell me I look sick! What up???? . I have also lost a total of 200 pounds! Thanks Uranium!!!
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  • big shopper - This works!I bought this with fear and trepidation as I am a skeptic and believe very little of what one sees on the internet. This hose, however, was a most pleasant surprise! I have 2 of them both attached to each other and they work beautifully. No kidding. I ditched my long hose and large roller attachment that blocked my driveway! I now have my xhose (s) lying in a small spot next to the house....not taking up any room at all.
    The water power is perfect for watering my extensive garden, too.
    Yes, I would heartily recommend this!!!
  • Kristin Arbutina - Perfect review for PCATI purchased this book in the early summer and leafed through it before taking the PCAT in July. I didn't even get a chance to take the full-sized practice test but the chapters covered direct material on the PCAT, and I even noticed two questions were almost directly pulled from the book! I didn't study too much but I definitely wouldn't have done as well on the PCAT as I did if i hadn't bought this book. Well worth the money!!