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  • Fred Ehrlich - Cromwell the king's minister, villain or hero or both.who killed a queen & changed England.This is the story of Cromwell the king's minister who manages the elimination of Anne Boleyn the 2nd wife of king Henry VIII by execution by decapitation. She is charged with numerous sexual offenses including incestuous sex with her own brother. The concept of due process is in its infancy. We never learn whether any of the charges had merit, it does not seem to matter. The trial and executions are all engineered on scant evidence, threats of torture, suspicion, inference rather than hard facts. Only a lowly lute player confesses under harsh duress.

    The king wishes to annul his 2nd marriage which has produced only a female heir iironically Elizabeth who will ultimately as the virgin queen become one the greatest of English monarchs. Simultaneously, with the organization of what can only be described as legal murder, Cromwell while enriching himself and gaining growing power seeks to humanize English law by providing jobs and funds for the poor unsuccessfully, to bring about reformation of the legal system, institute the Protestant reformation through his influence with the King, the nobility and parliament. He befriends his enemies, uses his influence to make Jane Seymour the third wife of Henry VIIi while arranging for the trial of those that offended him in the past to be executed for sexual relations with the Queen on dubious charges and evidence.

    Cromwell a commoner, undoubtedly an autodidact of great genius and cunning is the embodiment of Miachavelli and conversely a humanist. Sparkling dialogue
    brings the period to life. It is likely that a film or play will be made based upon this book.
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