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  • PJane - It Could Happen To Anyone!!This book can help save the lifes of those is a deathly trap. Please do not do this out of your anger for the Jody Arias trial and lie to keep it from those that so need this. It is sincerely misguided and wrong. Please put your feelings aside and understand this is and has been a valuble tool and bridge for those trapped and in serious need of this.
  • LaurenB - holy crap it worked!Well like many other cursed women I've been dealing with Bacterial vaginosis for over five years. I literally have tried everything the doctor threw at me, from antibiotics to vaginal inserts to neglecting my husband out of fear sex would make it worse. I recently looked at my medical records because I switched insurance companies and I have been treated for BV 23 times!!!! As I just mentioned I switched insurance companies and was assigned a new OBGYN. She quickly suggested probiotcs and said it would work. I went home ordered the pills and waited an agonizing 4 days to get them. I have been using them for 5 days now and it is a 100% difference from before. I couldn't believe how quickly it helped. I tried the ultimate test with my husband and to my surprise I was still A OK. My BV was really bad, I was showering twice a day with no relief from the symptoms.
    The only downfall, and I'm not sure this has anything to do with the pills. I noticed that using the bathroom (number 2) I would have bad gas cramps that lasted a few minutes. This is a walk in the park compared to BV!
    I hope this helps. I thank god I finally found an OBGYN that knew her stuff!
  • K.M. Weiland, Author of Historical and Specul... - Brilliant and movingThere's no originality in saying there's a lyric power to this story. Its dark beauty is entirely born of its chilling evocation of an apocalyptic landscape, in which humanity is reduced to a doomed scrabble for daily survival. So in some ways, it's a difficult book to read. It's one you read with a knot in your chest and put aside almost gratefully. But it's so much more than a depressing glance into a possible future. McCarthy's sparse prose is trimmed down to bare bones, in a reflection of the story land itself. It almost reads like a short story, so focused is it and so vivid its single effect. Brilliant and moving storytelling, no question about it.