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  • CD3 "CD3" - New OS fixed my display issue with WIN7I was having a display issue with WIN7 Home Prem running on an HP Pavilion g7 laptop (purchased from Amazon) - Windows would boot to a black screen with just a cursor. I kept creating new profiles which solved the issue for a short time then back to the blank screen. New video drivers and configs didn't help.

    When I upgraded to WIN8 Pro, the issues were resolved. I'm using 8 Pro as a basic OS, not Surface. Nothing startling new other than the interface. However I may get another copy to use as a home server since Drive Extender has now become Storage Spaces, which will replicate folders to additional drives like a RAID.

    Software arrived quickly and easy to use. So far so good :)
  • Apocalypse Now - Easy NukeI bought this based on a recommendation from Kim Jong Ill who was referred by the late Saddam Hussein, who both said it is fantastic and allows "Nuclear Bombs for Everybody." Kim Jong Ill's personal recipe for "easy nuke" is one cup of uranium ore, two cups of sugar, 4 cups of green jello, and 4 tablespoons of real butter. Simply mix that up and bake for 45 minutes at 375 degrees and you have a nuclear bomb. Bake! Drop! Repeat! Oh, and do not induce vomiting if consumed and contact a doctor immediately!
  • Mr. Owl - Exactly what I wantedI got this jacket with the intention of having a light jacket for everyday purposes that could still be dressy.

    The jacket fits as expected - I'm about 6' tall and 150lbs - the jacket comes to my waistline, the sleeves are a tad long, but (at least for me) it's not something to worry about. The jacket is a bit stiff due to the polyester body, but it does give the jacket a tough, durable feel and it's still comfortable to wear. For as light as the jacket is, it is reasonably warm, but not so much that one wouldn't be able to wear it in warmer seasons. The finish is nice - the lincoln green is a nice, semi-reflective gray-green color. It has all the pockets that I would want - two front pockets, a cell phone size pocket on the left sleeve, and an inside pocket on the left front. For water and wind resistance, the tough shell holds up well. I spilled coffee on it today; it beaded up and I was able to simply brush off most of the liquid . It left no stain whatsoever.

    Overall, I would recommend this as a good all-around jacket. Good for everyday to moderately rough conditions, light and comfortable, simple and reasonably dressy. I am very satisfied and would definitely recommend it to anyone.
  • Jonathan J. Goell - Excellent client resource for commercial photographersThis is an excellent client research reference for working photographers. I've been using the yearly-release versions for decades. Now that I teach photography, I recommend it to my photo business students to help them get started.
    Yes, the data is available on-line, but this book is still a convenient, ready reference, and easy to use.