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  • Seminole - Best Windows Version Thus FarWindows, nor any other OS, is perfect and yes there are plenty of things that I do not like. That being said as a active user of all the operating systems and mobile operating systems the direction Microsoft choose is forward thinking. The pricing of this version is headed in the right direction. Although the list price is still high a savvy consumer can find very reasonably priced Windows 8 Pro licenses. At the $50-75 price point it is a good value.

    Things to remember:

    It works better with touch screens.
    There are a plethora of good touchscreen devices that come bundled with Windows 8 Pro (I prefer the full version to RT).

    Give yourself time to adapt and explore the options.
    It takes time to adjust to the new UI but take the time to read a few articles. Keyboard shortcuts are invaluable.
  • Ellen Zagorsky Goldberg - Thank You, Elaine GotschallI am writing b/c it was primarily b/c of the reviews on Amazon that we decided to try the SC diet after our daughter was diagnosed with a very bad case of Crohn's Disease. When she was diagnosed 1.5 years ago, even IV prednisone was not bringing her SED rate (an inflammation marker) down from a scarily high number. After two weeks on SCD, her SED rate was normal!

    My daughter's GI doctor encouraged us to use the diet and says that he tries to get all his patients on to it b/c the results are so impressive.

    I would encourage anyone having GI/IBD troubles or ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) to try this diet. You have NOTHING to lose, and a world of good health to potentially gain.

    Good luck!
  • EdmailMusic - Good for the active sporty typeFirst, I have a very active life. I'm a runner, and multisports person who needs to keep a good intake of vitamins and nutrients. I use my Nutri Bullet EVERY day for Protein shakes and for my own smoothies. What I do is buy all raw ingredients, put them in ziplocks in the freezer and blend every morning a different mix. In preparation for my last marathon I used the NB at least twice a day to intake larger amount of naturally found vitamin C, and I never felt better in my life. The NB has come to supply a big gap in my nutrition chain in a quick, clean, measured way.

    I only use the large cup, the other two are useless to me. I use both blenders. The one with 2 blades I use mostly for large hard pieces of frozen fruits and vegetables such as pineapples, carrots and kiwis. The NB works perfectly fine with frozen chunks, with ice and dried food. I strongly recommend for anyone trying to improve their health and for people like me with a very active lifestyle and short time.