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  • Patnporky@aol - Where is Calvin Cool;idge when we need him?

    This fascinating study of "Silent Cal" will become a favorite of those enjoying politics and the people partaking. I went from knowing nothing about Mr. Coolidge to a dedicated believer in his parsimonious ways, his focus, dedication and loyalty. This book also reflected on the changes that can affect any person being President. Coolidge was as prepared as anyone for the job and yet left the office a physically ill, disillusioned man after six years. In spite of his disappointments he did reduce the budget, he did reduce the size of government, and he did leave his successor, Herbert Hoover, in much better fiscal condition than he had inherited. Another surprise....."Silent Cal" inspired the American people with his Yankee beliefs that budgets are to followed and one's word honored even at great personal pain.
    A truly entertaining, informative and even inspiring book!

  • Dalysse - Best Sports Game.

    Hello,it's the guy from Game-On Universe...Gameloft now has 2 awards (First one for Hero`s of Order & Chaos)...So I present the award for Best Sports Game to...NFL PRO 2013. Because this game has the award is because of the graphics, you don't get graphics like this in a tablet game,especially not for free,One day I came across a game like this,but it was $6.99¢!This game is absolutely of the charts!!!

  • Quimbi - Stop writing reviews for Blizzard's launch

    These are reviews meant for the GAME not Blizzard's errors. The game its self is amazing. Adding more customization is awesome, and puts new aspects to this game. Play with friends if you can, makes the experience SO much better.

    This is the same type of thing I saw for BF3 when it first came out. People writing reviews for Origin.. not the game. If you want to cry about the company.. do it some where else. The game its self is awesome.

  • divya - compared to rainforest from fisher price, this is way better.

    I am glad i got this to replace the fisher price rainforest mat. The kick piano definitely keeps baby entertained . He is 3 months as of now. The mirror is excellent , he is always thrilled to watch himself in it. Now compared to the fisher price rainforest mat , this is way better . The baby actually see himself in the mirror , the hanging toys are visually better placed . The mat itself is more compact which is good considering , the amount of space baby toys and gear takes up . I prefer the colors on this compared to the garish green on the rainforest mat .

  • Christopher Fisher "geek" - So far so good

    Bought this as a gift for my mother for Mother's Day, so she's had it for a month now. Already seeing some big herbs from the Gourmet Herb kit - the basil has already been harvested to slow it down from blocking the other herbs.
    No dead seeds, everything grew.
    As has been mentioned in some reviews, the light is almost shockingly bright. When it turns off on its timer everyone looks around the room wondering if we just had a problem with the electricity or something because of the sudden lack of light.
    My mother is very happy with it though, and I'm considering getting one for myself...the price tag is the only real issue.