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  • Leslie Miller - This method of eating makes a lot of sense!

    I love this book, it makes all the sense in the world to eat this way to lose weight. I am in my fifties and thought I had the middle aged spread. After eating The Fast Metabolism Diet for only one week my stomach has already started flattening out and I have lost 5 pounds!!! Thank you Haylie Pomroy.

  • john - safe and healthy

    Great alternative to dangerous chemical filled flea and tick medications if you are looking for a natural flea and tick prevention then get this it also smells great and most importantly your pets will be safe.

  • Rebecca Lynn - Very well worth it - BUY THE RECHARGEABLE BATTERY PACK

    The LeapPad2 is VERY well worth the money. The educational value and entertainment is amazing. I highly recommend setting a clear limit on amount of time spent on it. I also highly recommend that parents limit their time on it as well, it is addicting. The apps, cartridges, freebies, and accessories are all great! Very well made and thought out. We purchased all the accessories such as the gel skin, case, rechargeable battery pack, headphones, etc.. We are very glad we did and find everything to be necessary that we purchased. The quality is almost better than most adult "toys" and extras. I wish I had a gel skin for my smart phone as nice as my son's LeapPad.

    He is 3 years old and within the first 30 minutes, dropped the LeapPad on our tile floor THREE times BEFORE we put the gel skin on!!! Literally not a scratch, though again, I definitely suggest the gel skin. Everything is worth it and the interface with the LeapFrog Connect software on our computer is a huge benefit. You can follow how they are doing, it is great! There are many opportunities to help your child with various activities (again, also fun for adults) and many ways to benefit from this "toy". I cannot speak highly enough about it.

    With all this said, I AGAIN RECOMMEND the rechargeable battery pack, I do not regret it for even a second. He plays probably 30 to 40 minutes a day on average (more some days than others depending on what he has earned) and in over a week I have only charged the batteries once. Super impressive!

  • "Constantine" "" - Ayurveda and Food

    This book is great. I read it and coupled it with an alternative medicine text called "Ayurveda: A Comprehensive Guide to Traditional Indian Medicine for the West" by Yale psychiatrist, Frank John Ninivaggi MD. I highly recommend both books for a comprehensive understanding of food and health.