Recipes of traditional medicine, folk medicine treatments - Collected over centuries of trial and error, such treatments with proper use of them is particularly effective and safe. Strictly speaking, the modern academic medicine is much younger than non-traditional methods and recipes of traditional medicine began collecting when people still lived in caves, and also herbs and shamanic spells nothing could heal themselves, so come down to us already proven empirically recipes.

Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • Adrian Rodriguez Guido - Very realistic game

    The game arrived in excellent conditions. I am a F1 fan from about 13 years, and have enjoyed this game a lot. The transition from dry weather to wet weather is huge, and the game demands your focus in every inch of the circuit, like I assume it is in real live. It is a difficult and so much precision game, so for gamers that like a more arcade approach, this is not your game.

  • Book Addict "Book Addict" - Only makeup that doesn't aggravate my rosacea

    I've been using this for years and it's the only kind of makeup I can wear. It's drying though, so be sure to use moisturizer (I use the very cheap Cerave from the drug store, it doesn't irritate me).