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  • Thomas P. Ault - Just well might be?Just well might be my long lost LP. I lost my record album over 16 yrs. ago. Along with other ones. I finally bought and rebought this on CD this year. Up until this year I didn't want to pay the price of about $35 for the sealed one in the stores. My first copy of The Wall on CD I got for $25 used. Traded it, and the few other Pink Floyd CDs for a rare metal compilation telling myself it would easier getting the Floyd back. Again, I rebought all the Floyd I had this year again. I did find The Wall sealed in the store for $24. I have not played the new CD's in this Shrunkin version of my long lost album. Before I got it I was wondering if when I opened it, it was gonna be like the album in this respect(YES,LIKE THE ALBUM, THERE WAS NO PRINT,LOGO,on the cover.)The other,regular jewel box versions have PINK FLOYD/THE WALL Printed on the cover. After I got this mini LP, I saw it going for an extremely lower price. I was dissapoited at what I was seeing. Did I get ripped off? I still don't belive so. This is just one of those special albums I had to have on mini. Maybe those cheaper ones don't have the original blank cover(When you bought the album in the store it looked like there was the PF logo and album title on it, but when the shrink wrap came off a piece of paper fell out with logo on it and not the cardboard/actual cover). If you got the money and you love this album buy it.But don't try putting it on your turntable. You ought to never even open it up. I had to open it I just like how these little LP cd's feel. YEAH!!!THEY'RE CUTE..REMEMBER..THEY MAKE GREAT GIFTS TOO..CHRISTMAS IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!
  • Rachel Chafetz - Great purchase!I purchased this for my 3 year old. She loves to play with our tablet as well as cameras. This could not be more perfect for her! I love that you can download books and music as well. She has not put it down since she received it! I would highly recommend this product!
  • Marrina Blanthorn - Scar tissueI bought the wand because my daughter had severe scarring from acne. The wand did wonders for it. The scarring is barely visible now and she has not used it for a month. I decided to see what it would do for me. I am a lot older than she and have scarring and wrinkles. It did wonders for the scarring, but not much for the wrinkles. I think it just matters what you are buying it for. I did notice that my skin cancer spot (that was trying to come back) stopped pussing up again... which is a good thing. I think the lotion used really matters too. I use aquaphor (behind the counter at the pharmacy).
  • Sahar Shahin - Very Enlightening with some myth-bustingDon't expect to be too surprised by the information in this book. Many of the differences between men and women are common knowledge. We all know, for example, that men watch much much more porn than women. However, expect to be surprised a few times by the time you've finished the book.

    What the book really does for you is quantify and provide context. It's a very interesting read about a very popular subject, so you will have trouble putting it down!
  • SignalStream "SignalStream" - This is the Console to Get!!!I am so glad that I went with the PS4 - the thing I like about Sony, is that they listen to their gamers - and they deliver what we ask. The PS4 is an outstanding unit, and since receiving it look forward to using when back from work. The games that I have played so far are pretty good - Just got Assassin's Creed last night, so I have not had an opportunity yet to play it - but from what I hear/read, it's supposed to be pretty good. The controller ROCKS! It feels great in my hands. I noticed that my thumbs do not get as tired as with the Dual Shock 3. I like the built in speaker that the PS4 controller has Plus the headphone jack. I was about to plug in a keyboard so that I can type, but then realized that the camera, and light technology on the controller, allows one to point/aim at the letters needed to type, so typing is made easy. Getting into the playstation store and other applications/games is soooo much faster. The hardware looks great, and operates pretty quietly so far. I am looking forward to meeting new people over the social features that it has. I appreciate that Sony included a privacy configuration for your profile in that regard.

    My friends - Playstation has lived up to it's Hype!