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  • Blunderbuss23 - How Indeed!I've just about given up talking to liberals about politics or anything of substance. I just change the subject or leave. How can you talk to people who have been wrong about EVERYTHING for the past fifty years? Okay, I admit: they're right about one thing. Ann Coulter really does have blonde hair.
  • awesome - great gamei first got the game for my ipod and i loved it and always played it and now i can play it on my tablet its a great game thanks
  • Marco Polo "Voltohm" - Malwarebytes 2013 Anti-Malware Pro LifetimeHave used the free version of Malwarebytes for years and like it so much I was happy to purchase two of these discs, one for both of our computers. The only other security needed is Norton Internet Security which I have used for the last seven years with no problems at all especially when combined with Malwarebytes. And the price, deliver and especially the packaging were superb. Very happy with this purchase.
  • Judith M. Rule - Think you understand what happened in the early years of Christianity? Read this book now.I have already recommended this book to many friends. I was born into and raised in a Christian tradition, and that included accepting everything written in the the Bible as accurate and--somehow--completely applicable to the modern day. But I've always suspected that the historical context was important to understanding the significance of the events of the Jesus story. This book provides that context, discussing people and events within their appropriate historical setting. It clarified many, many things for me. I don't re-read many books, but I will be reading this one again. I have never provided an Amazon review before, but this book needs to be shared.