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  • david ritchie - Controversial BUT Well Researched and SupportedLike the other three of her books that I have read, this is an extremely well-researched and supported indictment of liberalism. Ann Coulter has never been afraid to take on the most sacred of liberalism's many sacred cows. The issue of race, though, is of course, the most controversial of all such subjects to take on. Yet Ann does a masterful job in showing that the Republicans' supposed "Southern Strategy" didn't exist and certainly didn't end the Democrats" hold on the Segregationist heart of the South. In addition to her masterful dissection of the electoral maps of the South from 1928 through the 1990s, she shows that, with the exception of one Southern Democrat (Strom Thurmond), all of the other Southern Democrat segregationist senators (most notoriously Al Gore's father, Al Gore Senior, the Ku Klux Klansman, Senator Byrd and Bill Clinton's mentor, William Fulbright) remained in the Senate and were honored as senior statesmen of the Democrat Party even though they had led the massive resistance to Civil Rights in the US Senate while the republicans were leading the way as the party of Lincoln and of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to all civil rights measures up through the 1964 Civil Rights Act. IOW, as she noted, the old segregationist Democrat Party didn't convert; it just died out.

    And her dissection of the racial hucksterism of such New Yorkers as Al Sharpton and Charlie Rangel taught me stuff I didn't knew even though I am a New Yorker very interested in public issues. Anyone who was living in New York at the time of the massacre of the NYPD cops who responded to a melee at Louis Farrakhan's Mosque No. 1 in Harlem back in the 70s remembers the controversy over the deaths and the lack of much follow-up to the killings, but it was news to me that the most powerful Democrat politician in Harlem, Charlie Rangel, ran interference for Farrakhan at the time. That is just one example of the depth of Ann's research.

    There is no question but that Ann has a very aggressive attitude toward controversy. She never shrinks from it and she is willing to say things that offend liberal orthodoxy. BUT she does it with facts and reasoning. Here as always, she has done a great job making her point.
  • Denali - Does the job, makes it easyI downloaded the software and did my taxes in less than an hour. Our taxes are pretty simple: pensions, social security, IRA withdrawals, two residences, no big medical bills. Since the app imported last year's return, there was virtually no data entry other than the numbers from our 1099s and tax bills. Well worth the $9.99 I paid for it.
  • Imdamommy - Great movie - Don't know who I'd recommend it to thoughLoved the movie, the action scenes were great and the drama was there. Gory in a few places but really what Donnie Yen movie isn't. The movie itself was written differently then most other action movies are and thus the question of who to recommend it to. It doesn't really follow the rules. Interesting and didn't bore me at all.
  • S. Howard "Money Clip" - Milk is good for my cult membersMy cult members need to stay on top of today's current events and they can only do that in one of three ways. 1. They can watch the TV. 2. They can have thier cat's tell them (they know everything about us) or 3. They can Drink this Tuscan Brand Whole Milk. Ummmmm ummmm ummmm - Tuscan - it's not world domination, but it hits the spot!
  • John Kwok - Superb Word Processing and Spreadsheet MS Office SoftwareThe latest Microsoft Office product, "Office Home & Student 2013", doesn't include the ability to e-mail calendars and tasks via Outlook which the more expensive "Office Home & Business 2013" does have. Nor am I sure what the major difference are between its versions of WORD, EXCEL and POWERPOINT with the prior Office 2010 version, since I have been using primarily Office 2007 for years. However, I can note how pleasantly surprised I was with the new document templates in WORD - as well as spreadsheet templates in EXCEL - that make desktop publishing substantially less of a chore than it could be; for example, in WORD, there are templates for creating fliers and other marketing tools. To its credit Microsoft has gone out of its way to make this some of the most useful user-friendly software I have used, starting with a video tour of this product. I also have to commend Microsoft for keeping much of the same layout as I know with WORD 2007, making it quite easy to retrieve and to edit documents, and to save them in earlier WORD formats as well as others. Anyone needing a superb word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software that is truly state-of-the-art won't be disappointed with this latest incarnation of MS OFFICE.