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  • Richard Smith - The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher CreativityI heard about this book a few months ago and was very sceptical at first. As more and more people around me started with it, I became curious and bought myself a copy. It was the best decision I have ever made! I am in week eleven and I can safely say that this book has changed my life, completely. It has taken the South African performing arts scene by storm and everyone I know who has read or is busy reading The Artist's Way feels the same way I do! Apart from the fact the the book contains so many truths, what makes this book such a pleasure to read is that it is so well written. If you are in doubt and you need just that little bit of encouragement, if you know deep down inside that there is an artist in you, that feels neglected or that you haven't yet discovered, take the plunge and start a wonderful journey! If you are a lawyer, accountant or a mother taking care of your family at home, don't be discouraged or misled by the book's title, it is for you too!Thank you Julia Cameron!
  • gotta dance - i wish this book had been published sooner.With the heads up the good doctor hands out :I would have been more solidly situated for retirement.
    READ IT!!
  • TroubleJean "Jean" - Great productI have used ThreeLac for years and can't do without it or I see my body overrun with Candida yeast. This is the only product I have found to control my problem with candida. I tried this FiveLac to see if it worked as well or better than Threelac. I had the same good results. I will have to always use one of the products. You will not be sorry for trying this product if you have candida in the body.
  • Lorrie - A Beautifully moving collection of elegies for ALL woman, no matter their colorThere are many messages in these poems and they are choreographed as a stage play as you read, you're reading them in script-prose.

    ****The main point of this whole set of choreo-poems is being happy as who you are, ultimately the redemption you seek is loving yourself. That is what makes these verses so powerful!

    I have to admit, I had this book when I was younger and didn't appreciate it. Now, I am nearly 30 and it's with new insight and the wisdom of woman that I can feel and empathize with the pain, fear, humiliation, anger, frustration, longing, hope and courage of the 7 different rainbow colors (not skin colors)of ladies, from domestic violence, abortion, rape and other tales, it is something all women can relate to.

    The message is told though in vernacular that often shows when you are sick and tired, you only wan to vent, and poetically, not grammatically-correct is how we all vent. The vignettes in this play or choreopoems inspire to reach the hearts of not just all women, (no matter their color) but particularly African-American women. It definitely contains poems that are food for thought.

    It is designed to provide hope. It seems dark what these women go through, their struggle, their pain, their fear, their humiliation, hurt, and ultimately their triumph, is something that can seem depressing to the immature reader (or the reader who only likes reading the happy ending). But this is raw truth, this is real, this is what happens in life and this is the story of not all womens' lives, or even some womens' lives, or even a majority of a particular culture of womens' lives, it is actually just stories to keep us appreciative of what we have, to show us to be cautious, to be inspired, to be honest, and to be forgiving.

    No matter what you've experienced, there is someone in this world who can relate, who can feel your pain, your struggle, who gets the "groove" you are trying to follow and that you are drummer to your own "beat"...and we do not have to experience bad things to appreciate the good. These womens' stories were given to us so we can appreciate life and all it has to offer and not take for granted the loving relationships we enjoy and to always remember that we can be naive but never ignorant of what someone might be capable of.

    I liked some of the poems more than others. Sorry is my favorite with the quote
    "next time
    you should admit
    you're mean/ low-down/ triflin/ & no count straight out
    steada bein sorry alla the time
    enjoy bein yrself"

    This is a very powerful quote. And one of many more lines that inspire and provoke one to contemplate and meditate.
  • A mother and an engineer - Great for kids who like unusual facts and informationI have gotten several of these books (one per year) for my son, now age 10. He was a precocious reader and is really into statistics, facts, and unusual bits of information. As such, this book was right up his alley. I plan to get the next one in the fall when it comes out, too. I haven't read it myself, so here are my son's comments: "It was really interesting and has a lot of good information. It would be good for someone who likes lots of facts. There are good pictures."