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  • Burdie - Rick Steves..../Ireland 2012I have found this book to be very helpful so far . I will know more AFTER I go to Ireland and see if the things I do or places I stay that he suggested. I have been using his information for about 8 years and have never been led astray. I trust his advice . I would encourage people to get his books whenever they are traveling in Europe, His advice is sensible and has saved me alot of TIME and money.
  • J. Fletcher - Recommended as a must read for those who like subjects for discussion.This has been a surprise find. I have learned so much from these essays and searched many of the names referenced on the internet. The one that stimulated much discussion in our family was about drugs for depression. There are a variety of subjects included in this collection and each gives pause for reflection or invites research.
  • Joey Joe Joe Jr. Shabadoo - Deliciously cynical social commentary, the Wall was merely a Logical Progression from this dark masterpieceFloyd has other albums which garner more attention than this one: notably, Wish You Were Here, Dark Side of the Moon and of course, The Wall. However, Animals stands beside those (rather than behind and slightly to the left) as yet another great concept album from a band known for concept albums. Animals strives to associate different personality types with specific animals: Sheep are the stupid following masses, Dogs are the takers, the wolves in sheeps clothing that look to take power, and Pigs are the greedy fat upper crust of society. I think (?) Pigs on the Wing represents the few people which break free of these groups, as rare as this may be (like Pigs Flying). As far as the music goes, this is Floyd painting their Floydian sound worlds to the nth degree, albeit in a more guitar-oriented way than either of the two previous albums, which relied heavily on keyboard accompaniment in terms of compositional style. However, this is no knock, as Gilmour has rarely sounded better (his work on Dogs is particularly noteworthy for his restraint and perfect technique). Each of the major tunes (Dogs, Pigs and Sheep) strive to immerse the listener in the world of the song, and each of these songs also seem to feature similar vamps which tie the entire album together in an amalgam of human misery and hypocrisy. A worthy purchase, as you can already see the dark madness which engulfed Waters on The Wall starting to take hold here, which makes the progression all the more palpable. A must-have for Floyd fans or fans of Classic Rock in general.