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  • michael m. murata - Reggae Gold 2013, a jammin CD

    This CD is hard to find in stores where I live and to save time and money, I purchased it at along with two other CDs and qualified for free shipping. Loved the collection of music that was put together. If you like to listen to Reggae music I recommend to check this out and add to your collection.

  • NCS - think for yourself? sounds good to me

    It's funny, i was recommending this book to a friend after reading Expecting Better a few weeks ago, and she asked me if it was the new book with all of the controversy. I had no idea this book was considered controversial! but sure enough when i looked at the amazon reviews i was shocked to see so many one star reviews. After reading the reviews, both positive and negative and the subsequent comments, it is quite clear to someone who has read the book that most of those that have given the book poor reviews have not, in fact, read the book they are "reviewing". While i respect those that are caring for persons affected by fetal alcohol syndrome, i think by not reading the book, it's clear they may have missed the point of the book. The book does not advocate binge drinking or even moderate drinking. It simply presents the information obtained via medical studies. Oster is more than qualified as an economist and expert in statistics to review studies and determine their merit. In fact, she is more well prepared to do this than most physicians. Most physicians take one or two graduate level statistics classes. This is not to say that physicians do not know about medicine, but that data interpretation (even involving medical research) is not their area of expertise (it is, however, Dr. Oster's). This book merely advocates thinking for oneself and making informed decisions. I'm not sure how this could be a bad thing?

  • S. Tomita - Excellent book, better than Barron's

    I bought both the Barron's and the Kaplan for my GRE studies and the Kaplan book was much better. The tactics/methods they use to answer the questions are pretty much similar to any other GRE help book but the sample questions in the Kaplan book are great and similar to the questions on the GRE exam (I took it yesterday.)

    What's great with the Kaplan book is how precise you have to get with the meaning of the words. For example, one of the sentence completion questions (where you choose one word that best fits the meaning of the sentence) had a choice of 5 words and they all more or less meant the same thing! I vaguely knew the meaning of the words but it wasn't good enough to answer the question! That's tough but appropriate: I saw similar questions on my exam. It made me work harder with my vocabulary, which is the real key to the verbal part.

  • J. D. Witt - I love finding a new series!

    This is a new writer for me and she is outstanding. There is nothing I like better than discovering a new writer and then finding she has a series so I can read on. You will definitely want to read on after you finish SLAVE TO SENSATION.

    This is the year 2079. Sascha Duncan is Psy, a race of people who live totally in their super-intelligent minds and have conditioned themselves from birth to feel no emotion. Anyone who is defective has their mind wiped in a dreaded "rehabilitation." Needless to say after that they have no personality and are assigned to the lowest level jobs in the community. Sascha is terrified this is what is in store for her because her mind is deteriorating. Her every moment is fraught with terror lest she slip up and show emotion.

    She is assigned to oversee a project with the changeling Lucas Hunter. Changelings are both human and animal and we have wolves, leopards, deer, rats, swans and all manner of other changelings in this series. Lucas is a black panther and the alpha of his clan. Sascha soon comes to realize that the range and beauty of emotion she sees displayed in the changelings is not something to be feared and maybe her own emotion is more a gift than a blessing.

    But they have more problems than just what is happening to her mind. Someone Psy is attacking and killing changeling women. The race with no emotion seems to be producing savage killers and they have seven days to stop the newest one.

    Ms. Singh has built a very interesting world and she moves her story through it at a brisk pace. I loved the characters and can't wait to read their stories too. Sascha and Lucas' romance is satisfying with just enough sparks to let Lucas know he may be alpha but his woman isn't any going to be any submissive little woman with no backbone. She growls right back and gives him a run for his money. Don't miss it.

  • Angry Wombat - Great for a Service Engineer!

    This messenger bag (in black) looks/works great for work, better than my standard issue laptop shoulder bag. Adequate laptop protection, you won't want to throw it around but it's fine if you are reasonable. I'm a Field Technician and it's very nice to have a rugged, comfortable, professional looking bag that can distribute the weight better than a shoulder I often find myself walking into job sites from the very back of huge parking lots. More than enough pockets for all my tools/cables, and it latches securely. I like this better than my 'standard issue' timbuk 2 bag I've had for years!