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  • Nancelou - Best on the MarketI have tried other products but always return to the Norton Brand. I found Norton protects my computer best. The one that came on my new computer didn't work at all. I got a virus within 2 weeks & had to take the computer in for repair. The repair person installed Norton & now I won't use anything else.
  • ethomas1988 - A miracleNothing worked for me-not "clinical" antiperspirants in the drug store or prescription ones from my doctor. I thought that I would be wearing black shirts and jackets for the rest of my life. However, this wonderful product caught my attention and I have never looked back. It truly has changed my life! I can confidentially wear whatever I want now-including casual t-shirts and light colors. I never thought this would ever be possible. I can't imagine ever stopping using this product.
  • gerry - Pretty good productThis is a no brain coffee maker and I love it but it has a few short comings. First you need to buy a milk frother the system will just spit out powder if you use the froth packs up side is they are only 20 bucks. Second not a great selection of unsweetened tea yet. Third the add water comes on when the tank is less then halfway full. Still its a great system you can set the temp ad make your drinks stonger if desired. The best part is the speed.
  • 2Irish4u - 30 years of consistent use says theres nothing better...I've been using the Sensitive Skin Feminine Wash since it was first introduced (prior to that I used their normal skin product) and, although I strayed away a few times when it wasn't on the store shelf, I can't imagine ever changing. The consistency of the product is thinner than say shower gel or liquid hand soap, it is mostly clear in color and it has no scent. I have very sensitive skin, as well as the bladder condition known as Interstitial Cystitis which feels like a never ending urinary tract infection, so I am quite picky about what I wash with. This feminine wash has never irritated me in the nearly 30 years I've been using it, even when my IC symptoms are are their worst, and that is saying a lot. Moreover, it does a great job of keeping that important area fresh and clean (my husband can testify). I use it every day in the shower; it just takes me less than a minute to dispense about a nickle sized portion onto my finger tips, "hand wash", and then rinse clean...nothing to it. Amazon's subscribe & save program price point is about $4.25/15 oz. bottle, which is comparable with the sale price at CVS or Walgreens for the same size bottle plus, it comes right to my door at no extra less thing I have to remember to buy. This is one of the very few products I've ever stuck to over the years and that is because it really is the best at what it does.
  • L. Koehler - Cornerstone of any step-I prepThis book along with a Q bank (USMLERx, Kaplan, UWorld, etc.) should be the cornerstone of any good step-I preparation. It contains essentially everything you need to know boiled down to the bare bones. FA will refresh what you learned in class and a Q bank will test that knowledge/expose weaknesses, then you can add to FA to clarify weak points and make it personalized to your preparation needs.