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  • Half Pint - Awesome Calendar for the Super Organized!I purchased the 2012 wall calendar based on the reviews I read here on Amazon. I am so glad that I did! I was looking for a calendar with plenty of room to write in each day. Like others have said, the calendar is bigger than the average wall calendar - a few extra inches wide and long. Of course, the photos are beautiful. The paper stock is nice and thick too. I am completely happy with this calendar!
  • Julie A. Dawson "eFestival of Words Book Fair" - Like Goldilocks, I was looking for that "just right" fitI don't have a smart phone (my phone is pretty dumb). So my Kindle replaces a lot of the functionality a smartphone user has. I can check Twitter, Facebook, email, and play games on it. I don't like laptops. Most tablets are too expensive for what I want to do. The Kindle Fire is the perfect balance for me when it comes to replacing they functionality of those type of things. I still prefer my regular Kindle for reading, but I use my Fire for reading PDFs (I own a lot of roleplaying games in PDF formats with complicated layouts that don't convert nicely to mobi format), watching movies (mostly courtesy my Amazon Prime account), and as a virtual assistant when I am working on my computer and don't want to have to keep clicking back and forth between different tabs on my screen. I can have my research materials or reference sites up on my Kindle and continue to work normally on my computer.
  • rocksteady "Al" - Every American Should Read ThisMy girlfriend and I listened to the audio version of this book during the last three days, and were enthralled by this story. This is an extremely compelling and well written work of contemporary non-fiction. I titled my review this way because I believe that Americans badly need to bypass the mass-media filter to find out what really happened in New Orleans in the aftermath of the hurricane. While every Katrina survivor has a story to tell, the story of this hard-working Muslim-American family, the Zeitouns, is unique for many reasons. I won't give a spoiler, but the author does a great job of reporting the events, which along with the element of suspense, holds your attention at all times. I have spent a fair amount of time in New Orleans, both before and after Katrina. Until reading this book I didn't realize how FEMA turned post-Katrina New Orleans into a police state. The reader will get a sense of how much America lost after 9/11 -- and I'm not talking about the twin towers and the related deaths, but rather the erosion of our civil rights and freedoms, the very foundation of the idea of America. Any criticism of the writer's style and so forth is in my opinion misguided, the information is what is important and this book delivers. Really a must-read, and a sad and damning commentary on the Bush years.
  • Linda Brennan - Amazing book that is relevant to anyone interested in successful corporationsDon't make the mistake of thinking of this as a piece of feminist literature. This book addresses the #1 issue with growing corporate America - we are overlooking 50% of our talent pool, Women! If you are an executive officer, you need to read this book to understand how to make your company fully competitive by developing this critically underused resource. Many other companies are already on board.
  • A. Bella - Best vacuum I've ownedThis is the first vacuum I've had that I paid more than $50 for and I'm glad I finally dished out the big money for this Shark Navigator. I wanted an Oreck but knew I couldn't afford it, so I did some researching on Amazon to find a quality vacuum for not much more than $100 and I think I've definitely found a great match for me.

    -Not obnoxiously loud, though it is still a vacuum
    -Easy to clean
    -Automatically stops suction when it is standing upright so it doesn't destroy your carpet
    -Two settings: tile and carpet
    -EXTRA long hose to get those hard-to-reach places, yet it is sturdy enough so that it doesn't topple over if you stretch the hose a far distance
    -Comes with multiple attachments - including a pet hair attachment

    -I wish it was a little lighter, but this basically me fishing for a con