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  • agentx216 - Very Well Written For A Genre That Can Be StaleWho doesn't like a good post-apocalyptic story? The hard part about picking out a good one is that so many of them have the same archetype. The lonesame stranger who is super cool and seems to be able to get himself out of any jam. The love interest he has to save. The ending that leads either to another story in the universe or somehow the hero is able to inspire a new society to form. The book...ya, it's a little bit different than that. The tone right from the beginning is best described as "grey" and "dreary" and "cold". The outlook is pessimistic and the overall story doesn't really have a clear cut motive other than "to the sea and then south". It has a great father and son story arc which I always have a soft spot for. The story is gripping and quick paced without relying on action spots to satisfy you. In fact, I found myself hoping that nothing would happen to the father/son when they searched for food or camped out or saw people. That to me, is proof that the book was great. The writing style, lack of chapters, unknowing just how much time has gone by from one paragraph to the next gives you an uneasy sense that fits in great with the subject matter at hand. Very little is known about how the world got the way it is or what exactly if happening in the bigger picture of things which is perfect because all you care about is the father and son. Such a fun read. I finished it (about 300 pages) in about three hours. I had to stop to get a snack because I felt really bad about the characters not having anything to eat for most of the book. Final Grade - A
  • M. McElroy - Happy TummyThis is one of two brands my doctor recommends to maintain the health of my digestive system. I travel frequently and find that this product helps my system deal well with the various foods it gets to meet.
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  • early adopter in ATL - [Update] FASTER than my old Crucial M4 SSD***** UPDATED 8/21 ****

    I was not running my PC in AHCI mode. This is critical for getting the best performance! Here are the new numbers for the M500:

    Crucial M500, brand new
    Sequential: 462 R, 133 W
    512K: 435 R, 123 W
    4K: 25 R, 61 W
    4K QD32: 229 R, 116 W

    So the M500 is not dramatically better than the M4, but it is better. Performance should improve even more once I load the latest Intel AHCI drivers.


    Using the identical SATA3 connector [EDIT: in IDE mode], here are the numbers I'm getting (rounded to nearest decimal):

    Crucial M500, brand new
    Sequential: 291 R, 142 W
    512K: 280 R, 143 W
    4K: 24 R, 60 W

    Crucial M4, 18 months old
    Sequential: 384 R, 197 W
    512K: 303 R, 195 W
    4K: 25 R, 65 W