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  • youdontknowme42 - everyone deserves an educationI bought this for my multi-felon nephew.

    With two copies, Internet access and two web cams I essentially taught him what he needed to know from here he left off in high school to pass the G.E.D. It took seven weeks of continuous effort and dedication on both his and my part.

    My nephew passed the G.E.D. with a B+ average, the highest test score he's ever received. He took a competency class for advanced welding and passed; he's now in welding school for complex jobs that lead to six figure payout.

    I'd speculate that this story is no different from any other offering the same content. What sold me was the price and the ability to receive the item quickly.

    What the book turned out to be was an excellent guidebook on the topics necessary to complete the intended task (Get G.E.D.) without complication. Easy for him to understand, easy for me to explain - easy to comprehend. It uhh even reminded me of some things.

    In short: for those looking at the book for yourself or a loved one JUST GET THE BOOK. It worked for my hard-luck knuckle-headed beloved super-felon nephew it will work for you.
  • TV Lover - A must haveExcept for maybe psychiatry, this is something every medical provider has to have. I was going to go electronic this year, but it was way too expensive. I am good with the hard print - except that you may want to up-size to the bigger print version if you are getting a little older and you don't always have your cheaters on you or your nurses are getting a little older too.
  • emoses - Great Chair!I really like this chair. It's surprisingly comfortable, and the leather is soft. And the price really can't be beat if you're looking for a simple desk chair. Chair moves up and down just fine, no issues. It doesn't recline or have armrests, which sometimes I miss, but that was clear going in, and for the price, I'll live with it. Set up was easy, the only thing was that one step of the instructions referred to some assembly/hardware that I couldn't find and was about to call and say they would need to send me some replacements, until I realized that they had actually already assembled the step for me, and that's why I couldn't find the pieces-they were already attached underneath the seat of the chair. Just a heads up if someone has the same issue. Shipping was fast and the chair is surprisingly lightweight, so it was easy to get upstairs to my apartment ;)
  • April - So far so good!I'm never really one to order supplements or diet pills of any kind over the internet. I always like to research in person first. However, after much research and media raves on Garcinia Cambogia extract, I decided to give it a shot.

    So far, it's working great! I feel more lively and just all around clean. It's definitely helped to curb my appetite and constant snacking. I'm also starting to notice a little weight being shed (it may be water weight for now) but none the less, it seems to be working!