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  • Icy Y. - Best BooksMcGraw Hill makes the best test prep books. I wish their books were more well-known. Wait, but if everyone buys this, then everyone will do well and the exam will be harder? Nevermind, this book is awful!

    Seriously though, the book is so cleanly organized and easy to read. The summaries and examples aren't crammed and smacked onto a page; they are as clear cut as diamonds. There are also tons of practice questions and free online practice. Oh, and it's $10-$20. Can't beat that!
  • BoreBrotherBore - Greatest android device outI just received my Asus transformer prime 64GB in mail yesterday. I haven't put it down yet. The UI is Amazing. Most times I install a alternative launcher like Adw or Go. With this tablet there is no need. The screen is amazing. The processor is top of the line. The build quality is solid. The screen is very reactive. I haven't had any wifi issues at all. However the GPS is the only draw back I have seen so far. For me I didn't buy the tablet for that feature. So it doesn't bother me. I also realize that it is new to the market and new updates might bring a fix to that. I am waiting for more games to be released that really show this tablet off. Grand theft auto 3 plays great on it. If you got Tablet problems I feel bad for ya son I got 99 problems but this Tablet aint one lol
  • skeptical penny pincher - I love it!!!!I am extremely skeptical about products such as these, but I was desperate to find a solution. I can honestly say that afer three full body treatments I have truly experienced a difference. The majority of the hair in the treated areas has not regrown and the hair that has is extremely fine. I am very optomistic about the end results. To anyone who considering purchasing this product, it is worth it. The price is extremely reasonable, it actually does what it says it will, and the results last! My only advice would be to have an extra cartridge on hand at all times because you never know when it will die out, and be patient because you definately don't see results overnight.
  • Doctor Gail - What a wonderful bookI just finished reading this book and really loved it. The story is set in two eras that I adore and the tale unfolds at a good pace. You are able to figure out a key to the story before the heroine does, and it keeps you questioning when she will find out and how she will react. I heartily recommend it.
  • amir m - this is the whizzyou good folks have seen the wizard of oz right? well, this cable is like the red shoes in the the kingdom of computo-electroville. personally i think the price should be increased at least twofold 'cause only the hardcore will appreciate the wonders of this amazing em.... thing - like an ultra rare $20,000 bottle of wine. you just can't let your average "joe sixpack" loose on this cable. it would be a waste.