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  • Christopher M. Judge - Worth it. Absolutely worth it.Prior to getting this product, I had constant trouble with viruses and spyware. I literally had to reconfigure my computer every three to six months. Since installing Norton, I have not had a single problem. Norton360 is incredibly easy to use and offers many features that allow you to clean up your computer, beyond mere virus protection. It does slow my computer a little bit, but this is by far better than my computer refusing to start because if viruses. While prior versions of Norton would irritate me in how much it kept "popping up," this product feels balanced in how many times it warns me.

    I absolutely recommend this product.
  • cakebaker4hire "Rachel Daniel-Scott" - LOVE, LOVE,LOVEI love my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. It was love at first open!!!! Its sleek,and light, and the screen is so crystal clear. I am still learning my way around it,but so far I love everything about it. And my favorite feature so far is the one touch "screen shot" . This is my first tablet and I have a Samsung galaxy S3 phone and they sync together. My calendar and contacts on my phone are available on my tablet... its awesome !!!
  • Pen Name - My favorite pregnancy book!I've read several books about pregnancy/childbirth and this book is by far my favorite. I love that the author's information is presented in a numbers-oriented way. She doesn't try to make recommendations as to what an expectant mother should do with her own pregnancy, she just presents the % risks/benefits involved with specific prenatal behaviors, dietary restrictions, etc and lets the reader make her own decision. This book is perfect for any science-minded woman who is pregnant or trying to conceive, and wants to know the real data from the studies that are out there. Great book!