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  • Gustavo - Another amazing Football ManagerWell it's one of my favourite games all time, and this year is superb.
    The players skills analysis is getting better and better, and as usual they allways predict almost exactly how a player will develop.
    The management of the club is getting really close to the reality , for example, FcPorto manager talks to you and say "We want offensive and possessive football" which is the gamestyle of the team, and you get to see what people in clubs actually do by playing a game.
    The interactions with the staff,directors,players and journalist is much better then last year and a lot less buggy.
    The graphics are getting better as welll, so to sum it all up, imagine 12 but more real!
  • Eftyking "Eftyking" - Prime is greatI guess I feel lucky considering some people seem to be getting lemons. My Prime has been great.

    They just did a firmware update and all seems great. It seems to have fixed some issues. I think it is normal to have some of the issues we see because it is so new.

    My Wifi is fine. No issue with booting or restarts.

    I did a speed test and the tablet out performed even the Prime's own benchmark score.

    I got the dock also. Amazing. Really cool how it starts charging the tab as soon as you plug it in.

  • Tom Rozof - Coulter Sees in Advance The Verdict That The Objective Lens Of History Will Soon Record Regarding Obama...An Insightful Read!It's too bad that it will take additional time and the more objective lens of history before the perspective outlined in Coulter's books will become commonly accepted for the amazingly insightful analysis it offers to the American public. Whether he wins the 2012 election or not Obama will go down as the most unqualified candidate every to hold the office, as well as the President whom voters knew the least about than any other since the inception of this great country. If he fails to win, political pundits will begin chronicling just how close this nation came to corrupting and dismantling the American Dream that has been the inspiration and vision behind our democratic beacon that has given unrepresented hope for the rest of the world for centuries. We are a country that honors the constitutional right to free speech so much so that we occasionally allow ourselves to be "talked into" a version of political HOPE that we would NEVER have accepted unless it came packaged with the wrappings of our latent guilt over slavery and racism in general, along with Obama's uncanny ability to spin ideas as if they were truths. Let's hope this is a bullet we dodge. It a scary thought to consider just how likely a direct hit could still be in the cards.

    And response to Coulter's premise: We have been MUGGED indeed...and it's time we untie the gag. I will if you will.