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  • Krystal L - Love the calorie counterPlayed it for the time today. It was fun and it really makes you work. After about an hour of playing I was tired and getting lazy, the game called me out on it and keep me going.
    I really enjoyed the calorie counter that ticks by while your working out.
    Also for a rhythm-less person the dances seemed do able and fun.
  • Jeff Lippincott "JLIPPIN" - I thought the book was well done and definitely worth the sticker price!I liked this book. I found it to be well written and well organized. It really is not just a book since it comes with its own "MCAT Online Companion." But the book is 1057 pages and its Table of Contents reads as follows:

    i. Preface
    ii. How to use this book
    1. Test strategies
    2. Biology
    3. General Chemistry
    4. Organic Chemistry
    5. Physics
    6. Verbal Reasoning
    7. Writing Sample
    8. Full-Length Practice Test
    A. Tear-Out Cheat Sheets

    When you register with the MCAT Online Companion you are directed to do the following:

    First: Take the online diagnostic quiz
    Second: Get to know the MCAT and create your own study plan
    Third: Monitor your progress with practice tests
    Fourth: Watch the fast fact videos offered for the chapters in the book

    I went to the Web site for the Association of American Medical Colleges [AAMC] (which adminsters the MCAT) and examined what it had to say about the test. It seemed to pretty much cover the same material provided in the book being reviewed. So by getting the instant book one can get a slightly different perspective on the MCAT and probably get a better handle on it as a result.

    Sample tests from the AAMC cost $35 a pop, so the price of the instant book along with its Online Companion seems to be a real bargain at the price Amazon lists. I have a friend who is a fan of another test prep package for the MCAT called Examkrackers Mcat Complete Study Package. It might be a little better in its coverage of the Physical Science and Biological Science sections if you are going to use the books to actually teach you the material covered on the test. But I hope you are only using this book or ExamKracker's book to help you organize your college textbook and class note materials relevant to the test. As a result, you can find the inaccuracies included in this book regarding the science content that will be tested on the MCAT.

    I think I would have liked the book a little better if Chapter 5 on Physics had been switched with Chapter 2 on Biology. I say this because the Physical Sciences portion of the MCAT covers physics and basic chemistry. The Biological Sciences portion of the MCAT covers biology and organic chemistry. The way I suggest the book be organized the related topics would be covered next to one another. The way they are covered they are not. All in all, I thought the book was well done and definitely worth the sticker price. 5 stars!
  • Graham Campbell - Great Story. Terrifying ConclusionsI read this book a year or so ago, and I'm still struck by it. The book is a really simple and quick read. It combines great writing by Eggers with an incredible story (Hurricane Katrina) You get drawn in and then become more and more dismayed as you reach the conclusion that somewhere in the back of your mind you knew was possible or even probable. The treatment and suspicion of this house painter in New Orleans isn't shocking really, which is perhaps the most shocking part of the book. Well played Eggers, well played.
  • JRich - Quicken 2012 is Awesome / Not sure why others don't likeI recently upgraded from quicken 2009. While 2012 is not an entirely new re-write of the program (you don't need to re-write the basic functionality, which works fine) it has a number of changes that are nice.

    1) Greatly improved Graphic interface
    2) Vastly superior handling of budget
    3) Vastly superior handling of debt reduction program
    4) Superior categorizing search and transaction matching
    5) Seems to work faster than 2009
    6) Handling of file structure is better with one file for your data
    7) Improved spending charting
    8) Transaction filtering with criteria pick boxes and count total at the bottom of the screen

    All in all, very glad I made the upgrade, and enjoy using 2012. It is sad to have to upgrade every three years, but I love what Quicken does, and there is nothing else out there that does it as well.

    Good job to Inuit for keeping the program fresh and making improvements. I will continue to be a Quicken user and am willing to pay for quality software.