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  • Marilyn G Clark - This is must read and good followup to the NoticerI picked up the Noticer because of a devotional short from the book. Two days later they did one from this book. These books are about choices we make and don't make. About trusting God in those choices and realizing that we dont' have to accept what is happening in the world we can set a different standard.
  • Charles LaBorde "Charles L" - 3D Glasses at Bargain PriceI just bought my second Panasonic 3D television for a second home. With my first 3D set, the starter bundle, which included Panasonic's own active shutter glasses, was part of the deal. This time with no such offer, I had to decide between the Panasonic type I already owned or trying a new option. I opted to try the SainSonics, since reviews were positive from most buyers and the glasses were less than half the price of the Panasonic glasses.

    Result of my quest for a quality but economic alternative are very positive. These glasses work great. I see no difference in quality from the more expensive brand. I have no problem fitting the glasses over my own prescription glasses. The glasses are lightweight but well-built. They also have extra nose pads, but I haven't needed those. The glasses come with a cloth bag to protect them. The Panasonics came with a hard case. The bag has a drawstring and is an acceptable alternative to the Panasonic case. The charging cable works great and is virtually identical to the cable for the more expensive pair.

    I see no downside to these glasses. They look great, feel great, and work as well as the Panasonics at half the price. Great deal. Great product.
  • Adealia Blythe - Text-Size adjustment is invaluable to those with troubled eyesI love my Kindle. I absolutely love it. There are those that complain of this feature or that feature, but in the end, the ease of getting a book, the space I save on books--just too invaluable.

    One feature that I took completely for granted was the text sizing adjustment. I was sitting in the airport over the holiday reading. An elderly woman kept looking at me and smiling. I finally put my Kindle down and smiled back. She wanted to talk about the Kindle. She had gotten a Kindle back in October. Previously a voracious reader, she had suffered a slight stroke which had really slowed her down and affected her eye sight. She beamed when she relayed how empowered she felt with the Kindle. Not only could she adjust the size of the font and actually see it, but size increase made her move through the screen faster, giving her a bit more confidence as a reader. She felt like she had regained a little of what she had lost.

    I was so pleased. It's a great device. Keep it up, Amazon!
  • NavyBabyMomma - exactly what we neededMy husband is in the navy and we wanted a way for him to be able to see our son while he's away and this monitor is awesome for that, and for simply moving around the house and being able to keep an eye on my little one.

    I had some issues with it working wirelessly but after filling out a support ticket I was given a call the same day by one of the tech support and we discovered that it wasn't the monitor at all, but my internet provider's issue. He also helped me set it up so that my husband could watch the feed from his phone while not at home- which is something I didn't know was a separate set up. I love WiFi baby, it's well worth the money.