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  • Mike Tarrani "Jazz Drummer" - Versatile table wine that can be served with practically anythingI like to preface all of my wine reviews with the disclaimer that I am not a wine connoisseur. That said, I am reasonably knowledgeable about how to pair wine with food because my passion is cooking and I want to select wines that truly complement my food.

    This is one of the most versatile wines in that it goes with any food that you would normally serve with a light red wine, but it is also one of the two reds I have found that pair well with foods that are traditionally served with a white wine. The other one is 2010 Antinori Santa Cristina Sangiovese. However the key difference is this Beaujolais does not have that explosion of fruit that the Sangiovese has, which does not distract you from the food. In that respect I opt for this wine when I want my guests to focus on the dish with the wine unobtrusively enhancing it.

    To be sure, there is a lightness and fruitiness to this wine. That allows it to work well with seafood dishes or a light cheese and fruit plate on a hot day. One dish with which this pairs beautifully is country style French onion soup in which the only ingredients are butter, onions, a touch of sherry or Chardonnay that is seasoned with black pepper and sea salt, and served over a baguettes with Gruyere cheese baked over it.

    This wine also pairs well with a dish like steamed mixed shellfish that is almost always served with a white wine. More importantly, this wine has paired with every cheese I've paired it with, from a simple Brie to a grilled Raclette Suisse Classique to one of the stronger blues like Gorgonzola.

    A word about Beaujolais: This one - Beaujolais-Villages - is classified as a vin de pays or country wine, which is a cut above a common table wine. This class of Beaujolais is not as heavy or as complex as Cru Beaujolais, nor is it as boring and one-dimensional as Beaujolais Nouveau, which I avoid.

    This particular brand, Louis Jadot, produces excellent wines in all categories and is my personal favorite for Beaujolais-Villages and a few other wines I serve.
  • D. Sullivan - Only products that have worked for me!I have tried everything; antibiotics (four different types!), Accutane, Clearasil products, Proactive, Salacylic Acid, herbal systems, Retin-A, special diets, but nothing worked for very long, and never without occasional or frequent breakouts. Plus, I have really bad cystic type acne on my face, back and neck and somedays it's monster-like. My skin has been super oily up until now. I could wash it and it would be shiny again in half an hour. People always asked, "why are you sweating?", and I wasn't! Then I was using 10% Benezoyl Peroxide and my skin would look like an alligator's. I couldn't balance it out.
    Following this routine, my acne was GONE in a week! GONE! I would not have believed it had it not happened to me. Also, this routine makes my skin look healthier than I ever remember it being. The oil production is slowing way down too, I didn't know this was possible. This guy who came up with this is right on! My dermatologists haven't figured this out and it really raises questions in my mind why DOCTORS who gave me all that medicine, with all their bad side effects, can't figure out: Gentle cleaning, Benzoyl Peroxide (2.5%) twice a day, non-comodegenic moisturizers, and Jojoba Oil! This system will ELIMINATE your acne and make the damage done by it start to heal, inside and out. Thank you to the guy who worked out this system!
  • Kevin M. Blue - Best movie review book on the marketLeonard Maltin's Movie Guide has been in my reference library for almost 30 years now, and I believe it is and always has been the most comprehensive, best written movie review guide available. You may not agree with everything in the book, but the writing style is brisk and accurate...even funny at times. Filled with lots of movie trivia. It's hard to put down.
  • Jim Estill - Awesome Brand and Strategy bookOn my flight yesterday (and I am flying a bit much these days - 4 destinations, 8 flights, 24 hours in the air in this 2 week period), I read an awesome book on branding and strategy called "Zag - The #1 Strategy of high Performance Brands" by Marty Neumeier. I love marketing so always enjoy good books on the subject. The one thing that surprizes me is how many people do not understand the topic. And of course I love strategy.

    One of the great analogies Marty uses is strategy to the game Rock, Scissors, paper. When companies are small they are like scissors - they cut small niches successfully. In time they grow and gain size and resource to become a rock and are able to break scissors. Then they grow even more and bocome paper and are able to cover the medium sized businesses like paper. And then a start up scissor company comes and cuts a niche from their business.

    I like the analogy and have seen growth like this. When I started EMJ, I did small opportunities in small niches (EG French Character generators for computers). As our resources grew, we were able to do larger niches (like Apple and bar code) and as we grew even larger and combined with SYNNEX we were able to move to more mainstream products like HP, Microsoft, Lexmark etc. And I see small companies taking small pieces of business.