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  • Glenda Jones - 53% better than other bindersLet's face it. At least 47% of the binders out there will never work for you. Those binders are too old and worn out, or too young and hard to open, and some don't come with pockets. This binder has everything you will ever need in a binder: it's white, durable, and has three rings. You can even put the picture of your favorite woman on the front, and she is sure to be secure with that translucent barrier aka as a protective cover. This is hands down the best binder ever manufactured in China.
  • whytlion - Wife's ComputerI bought this for my wife to use for her schoolwork. It took her a little bit to get used to Windows 8, but now she enjoys it. The computer works great. The processor speed handles everything she does in stride. The display has great resolution to show all of her medical pictures and diagrams.
  • Desert Denizen "desertkrone" - Cured my diarrheaAt the age of around 59 I developed diarrhea. I couldn't figure out why for a couple of years until my doctor suggested I might be lactose intolerant. I have no family history of lactose intolerance, so I was skeptical. But I did stop ingesting lactose from dairy products, and my diarrhea went away. I then tried taking Align and ingesting dairy again, and found that I could do so. I tried several other probiotics, but Align is the only one that works for me, this is including probiotics that include the B. infantis bacteria. The strain of this bacteria in Align is just what I needed. I do have a history of taking a lot of Cipro for chronic bladder infections.

    Over the past week I have started a lactose-and-dairy-free diet while taking Align. I felt better in 3 days on this diet. I am also prediabetic and have started testing my blood sugars. For now I plan to stay on Align. It works for me. And I wonder if the small amounts of sugar and milk products in the capsule are not enough to affect my allergies. I do wish Proctor and Gamble would address all the additives they have in this product. I wonder if they need a little sugar and milk as a medium to support the bacteria in the gut. Does that make sense?

    Anyway, bottom line is it works where many others failed. It does not seem to affect my lactose and dairy allergies, and does not affect my blood sugar levels.