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  • John Jay Harper "" - A Spiral Fractal of Ancient Mayan Shamanic WisdomGregg has offered us a way to revision our sense of space-time-mind as we slip and slide into the end-time scenarios; often times kicking and screaming: "The Sky is Falling!"

    Yet, perhaps the sky, aka "space," is not falling rather compressing its spring-loaded, double-helix coiled energy spiral back through the center of our galaxy, solar system, and earth as well as our own DNA?

    Maybe the genie in our genes is about to pop-out of the Klein-Kaluza Fifth-Dimensional bottleneck of the "black-white hole" in time-space?

    In other words, perhaps we are merely experiencing the "archetypes of apocalypse" that fueled the "false" Battle of Armaggedon scenarios? But that cycle of cleansing our anger, fear, and judgments are really the organic catalysts unveiling a new heaven and a new earth, and not WWIII?

    Is this then why we see an increase in paranormal activity (ET/UFO, etc.) at the same time we see a relatively calm early phase now in Solar Cycle 24? We are being given the opportunity for peace and transformation at this precise choice-point in the close of the end-time spiral cycle of consciousness (r)evolution?

    Recall that the periods of solar magnetic calm are linked to increased incidents of psychic-telepathic-telekenetic phenomenon. Thus "magnetic-genetic mutations" -- so-called transposon bursts -- are taking place as I say not only before but behind our eyes; specifically our third eye?

    In essence, the universe and our DNA winds itself tight around space-time events we call our history but that is not our destiny. It is only the end-of-time and space as we know it.

    In summary, magnetism is the glue that holds atomic matter together and as we witness the ungluing of space-time we will see that chaos mirrors crises in our self and society, as in no pain, no gain -- or new growth. We will no doubt see the tectonic plates shift as the core of the earth is linked resonantly with our brain's 12 cranial nerves and pineal gland. There will be an increase in psychic and paranormal phenomenon in concert with undersea and surface volcanism, earthquakes, and tsunamis on the Ring of Fire; it is inevitable for that cycle of chaos will put the "natural" back into magnetic-reversal new world order "disasters" in era-2012. That is, what we will learn as our third eye opens is that this axiom is true: As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without: The Archetypal Space-Time-Mind Fractal is winding tight around itself not as a sign of breakdown, rather breakthough, to The Other Side: The Fifth Dimension!

    Dr. John Jay Harper has a new DVD on these topics titled Science of Soul: The End-Time Solar Cycle of Chaos in 2012 A.D. aas well as the newly-released book Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century - Second Edition Revised and Updated for 2012.
  • Randy - Psoriasis is Gone!!I had psoriasis for over 25 years, mainly it was on my elbows and one knee. In the last couple years I developed a patch on my right leg, about 3 inches wide and 7 inches long. About April of last year, 2003, my psoriasis began getting worse. I had been to dermatoligists and doctors on occasion over the years, but none helped my condition. My brother has had a severe case of psoriasis for many years and has tried many treatments to no avail. My case wasn't real severe, so I just lived with it.
    I began researching on the internet about more natural psoriasis treatments when I ran across Dr. Pagano's book, people who had written about it. It made sense to me because no ointments, creams or any external treatments seemed to help anyone that I had read about except for maybe a temporary clearing or partial clearing of symptoms. So I began to follow the diet as best as I could following what I had read on the internet about the diet contained in the book. After about 3 weeks I ordered the book thru Amazon. My psoriasis totally cleared up within 2 months of following the diet very closely. I didn't do the enemas, but had one colonic, which I decided never to do again. My problem was, my skin became VERY itchy and red. My psoriasis was gone, but it seemed I developed eczema. I was under lots of torment and would take a hairbrush to bed to brush my legs as they itched so bad. I would brush them until they hurt so I could sleep. My arms also itched and were red as well as my neck. This continued on for 5 months while I followed the diet pretty close, my wife was so very patient to make sure the meals we had were closely following the diet. I drank about a gallon of filtered water a day.
    It was much improved, the itching and redness, by the time 6 months was up, but would not completely go away. One day I became aware of the atmosphere of the job where I work. I am an electrician at an industrial plant where they do metal plating with acids and chemicals. The ventilation is very poor there and even though I don't work near the plating line, the air has these chemicals and acid in it. I took off 10 days over this past Thanksgiving just to get away from breathing that air, to see if that would help. By the time I went back to work my skin was 90% clear. At the end of the first week back, my neck was red, sore and itching and the skin on my hands starting getting red and skin was sore. To make long story short, I quit my job there in February, and now am umemployed and looking for another job. My health is more important than a good job, as you can't buy your health, you have only one life to live. It has been now about 5 weeks away from there, and my skin is totally back to normal, no eczema and no psoriasis, 100% clear.
    My conclusion, the psoriais I had was due to an overload of toxins in my body. That was totally clear after 2 months. The eczema, reddening and itching of my skin was the toxins being released. That didn't go away completely because of the chemicals and acids in the air where I worked. If I had not been working it that atmosphere, I'm sure I would have been symptom free of any skin ailment within 3 months. I would advise anyone to do this diet, it may be rough at first, but hang in there, it is worth it. You may wonder in the middle of it, as I did, but hang in there. There were times only sitting in the bath tub would give me relief, and I was at the point of tears a couple times, frustration and desperation, but now that it is over, it was really worth it!! My uncle had psoriasis for years and just died of cancer, of which he had for only a couple of years before it killed him. If you have psoriasis, you have an overload of toxins in your body, get this book and get rid of those toxins. Your psoriasis will clear up and hopefully prevent any worse diseases from developing. I am sold on eating healthy, natural, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. You will be surprised how following the diet isn't so hard if you are determined to be free of psoriasis!

    It has been about a year now, and I am still totally free of psoriasis. I eat pretty much anything I want, but try and not eat too much of sweets, very little soda pop, junk food, and try to eat more vegetables and salads. So my diet has changed since before psoriasis, but I don't follow the regimented diet in the book now. I would like to maybe follow it very close for one month out of every year just to detoxify.

    UPDATE NOVEMBER 12, 2005

    Guess where I am working again, yep, same job, been back about a year after being gone a year. Guess what has returned, yep, psoriasis. Also, I am not following the diet closely, so I do have a small amount of it on my elbows and just within a couple weeks, itchy tiny spots on my knees. I suspect an overload of toxins once again in my system. It's just too easy to slip back into old eating patterns, but I do eat many more fresh fruits and veggies than I ever did before. I do notice when I eat a meal with heavy tomatoe content like chili or spagetti, I am very sore (joints) in the morning, so I believe that to be the result of nightshade veggies. I am in excellent health other than this crummy skin condition and sore joints at times. I am not overweight at all and good blood pressure. I think it's time for a permanent job change enviroment and totally cut the ties with that bad air in the plant I am working at again. I thought after being out of there for over a year I would be ok. Oh Well.
  • M. THOMAS - Almost Perfect!I have the B- Safe/ B-Agile travel system. I've had it for 3 months so I've had a good chance to try the stroller out. This stroller is super lightweight, I can lift it in and out of the trunk with one hand easy. It is compact, I can fit nicely down any narrow shopping isles - plus it folds up like a suitecase. It is monuverale, rides like a dream. The shocks and wheels make for a smooth ride for baby even on gravel and dirt roads. The canopy is great, the air vents are nice in the summer. It works well with the B-Safe car seat. One of the best features is the bar at the back of the stroller is curved so people with long legs or long strides won't kick it when they walk.
    The only negatives are the basket at the bottom is very small and the lack of a cup holder or storage BUT I just bought the Britax stroller caddy and I love it it holds a lot and it folds right up with the stroller when your done. So just an extra thing you have to buy not a huge deal.
    Just to mention this- I don't think I would buy the B-Safe car seat again. It is really really heavy and awkward and the baby is not very comfortable in it. I think I would just get the adaptors and a different car seat to use with this stroller.

    **After 6 months- We love this stroller even more! My 6 month old can now sit in the stroller without the car seat and he really loves it! The best feature is the reclining back, it can be moved to infinit positions. If he is awake in an upright position and then falls asleep all you have to do is pull the straps behind the seat to the laying position you want and it doesn't desturb baby! So great! Highly recommend this stroller!