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  • keiden - Knowledgeable InformationAs one who is to visit Germany for the very first time, I found this Book to be extremely valuable.
    It is written in plain language, giving one the necessary guidance for an enjoyable experience.
    The translation of some of the most used common phrases I found very helpful.
    Places of Interest were described in simple but very understandable ways.
    I "Feel" as though I have been there already!!
    A very good Investment, and certainly assists one in not falling into the wrong "Areas"!
    Keith FitzGerald
  • C. Cronk - Great tablet for adults... and kids!!!If you are considering getting your child a tablet, please consider a Kindle Fire HD. They have a program called "Kindle Free Time." We had already experienced that dreaded feeling you get when you think you've locked down your tablet really well before you let your kid play Angry Birds, and they end up on YouTube. Whoops. With Free Time, you choose exactly what apps, movies, and books they have access too (that you download yourself), or they have a HUGE HUGE HUGE selection of kid safe tv and movie programs, books and educational/fun apps, all age appropriate. When in the Free Time app, kids are locked out of internet surfing, purchasing paid material... completely safe from all the things you wouldn't want them to get at. You have to enter a password to exit Free Time. We looked at a bunch of the "kid" tablets and none of them matched the Kindle Fire.

    I should mention that Free Time is $2.99 a month (with Prime membership), but considering that the average paid app/show/book is between $1-4, I have no problem spending that because my son gets new material all the time.

    Also, Amazon has great customer service - we had an issue with the unit freezing and then not starting up and they sent out a new one, before we even had sent the defective unit back. Amazing.

    Only problem is... now I kind of want one!!!
  • Ragged Pelican - Quickbooks for Mac 2012 WINS Again!!!Each time I start using a new version of Quickbooks for Mac, I'm thinking to myself as I read the hype on the packaging and kinda chuckle to myself, "How much better can they make it from year-to-year anyway?". And every time I am totally captivated by a single feature or series of sub-applications I had not even thought of even though the particular enhancement may be something as commonplace as creating journal entries. That's a tedious yet detail full process that's an absolute must. So it's kinda like 2nd nature to one who's been in practice for over 30 years.
    Don't know how you guys do it, but please, DON'T STOP!