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  • Henk "Henk" - Animals is genious, sit back and let the vibes take you.Awesome, i love Pink Floyd. David Gilmours' guitar work is phenominal as always. I dont know how he can pump out the vibes he does. Roger Waters gives you that live on the edge fear nothing mentality again. Love the hidden disguises in here. Dog's, Pig's, and Sheep, they are one of who bands to take a stand to the stiffs out there and live hwo they wanna live and do what they wanna do. The best way to stick it to the "Corporate American Stiff's" is to do it in a smart way where unless you are intelligent you wont understand. Pink Floyd is a very intelligent band. They can reach parts of your soul that nothing else can.
  • Dr. Patrick J. Delamere - Excellent- For everybodyTime urgent for this generation of excessive medication users.A clear and easy way to improve your health. I read this book the day I received it, then ordered 5 more, for each of my children. It should be in every home, as a reference for continual study.
    Col Patrick J. Delamere,D.C.
  • William D. Curnutt "Pastor Dan" - Live the American Dream or Live for Christ, your choiceI know I can't say anything that others haven't already said in their reviews, but I will give a few minor reflections on the book.

    1. The Church in America is in deep turmoil. We are sold out on living the American Dream and that means that we forget to live out our lives for Christ. The Lord calls us to radical discipleship and that means, sell everything and follow Him! Are you willing to do that? It's different than what the American dream says.

    2. Platt's description of the USS United States, which was a troop carrier ship designed to carry 15,000 troops to war, is a great example of the problem of the American Church. The ship was commissioned, but never carried troops to war. It was the largest and fastest troop ship ever constructed. But WWII was over once it was commissioned and another major war had not broken out. So, we converted it to a luxury liner for the politicians (The President) to use. It was converted and carried 2,000 in luxury.

    The American Church is the same. The church was called to a war time mentality by Jesus, but instead of us preparing and going to war we instead have turned the church into a 'luxury liner' church with great programs, safety, warmth and no major commitment. This is no way to win the war.

    3. Platt pushes our buttons and tells us that we need to be 'radical' in our commitment to the Lord and he will be radical with His work with us. Part of what Platt reminds us is that Jesus didn't promise us 'safety' in our ministry. In reality He promised us that we would be treated as He was treated, which was poorly. Platt says, unless you are called to a dangerous ministry maybe the Lord isn't in the calling. Now, he does go on to say that not everyone will be called to a dangerous ministry, but if you are called, are you willing to go? Or will you abandon your faith and let others go?

    The last chapter of the book does a great job of asking you to commit to a one year experiment that will change your life. He calls you to five commitments that he feels will impact you. I think they are well written, well documented and are just the tip of the iceberg of what Jesus calls us to.

    Read the book, commit to the one year experiment and see what the Lord does in your life.