Beauty By Yasmin Birmingham - Beauty by Yasmin located in Birmingham city centre provides male and female treatments like waxing,spray tanning, manicure, pedicure, nail art, shellac,facials,massage, eye lash tint and many others for cheap prices

Country: Europe, DK, Denmark

  • Ana Peligrosa - Thank God for the Binders!Love the binders. I don't know what I'd do if I hadn't been put in some powerful man's binder. Most likely, I wouldn't have had a career. I would have had to stay home, barefoot and pregnant and pregnant, and more pregnant because I'm not certain there is birth control allowed anymore (right when we lost Planned Parenthood, along with Big Bird and the gang)to women outside the binder. Thank God I was on the inside 30 years ago, so I could have kids and a career, while receiving unequal pay and managing my home. And did I mention the kids? Yeah, I raised them too, as a single mom. This sounds like my mother's world, back in the 50s where they were supposed to look stunning, act demure, keep a perfect home, raise perfect kids, vacuum a lot and always be super supportive to their man. That was pre-binder, of course. Hooray for the binders!!!
  • dsolson - Great softwaregreat software.I love it I cant wait until my drawing tablet gets here.It works fine with a mouse but I will have better control with the table.
  • Julianne "Julianne" - Read the Book Before You Give A ReviewI thought the review was for those who read the book, but since that is not the case, I have given a 5 star rating because I do respect one of the authors, Ms LaViolette, for her courage. However, I am concerned about all the negative comments posted on Amazon disguised as a book reviews since April 2nd because of the Jodi Aries trial. Ms LaViolette has been testifying since that time for the defense as an expert witness on domestic abuse.
    I have called and emailed Amazon several times concerning removing the character assassination comments about Ms LaViolette. Perhaps others who agree that Amazon should not give people who have never read the book the forum to destroy someone with whom they do not agree also contact Amazon.