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  • MICHAEL SULLIVAN - Good software....

    Good software, I have used Norton/Symatec for years. I would advise people to never pay the full price, there always seems to be deals on line for about 60% - 70% savings. My only complaint is when you have to use tech support it comes from international sources and can make simple cures more difficult due to language barriers.

  • Sunshine City Customer - Miami, FL

    Since I my first period I was never regular. At 21 my gyn put on me the pill to regulate it. I took the pill for 9 years. On november 2010 I had a laparoscopy due to a cyst found in my left ovary. After the surgery and with no pills at all my cycles were more irregular than ever. Between one cycle and other were 56 days. The gyn recommended me Provera a "jump to start after the pill" but after so many bad reviews DH and I decided not to take it and instead tried Fertilaid which has amazing reviews. Three days after taking it I had my first period. After the first bottle I decided to take a second bottle to maintain my cycle in 33 days (Fertilaid decreased from 56 to 33 days!). When I started taking the second bottle 5 days before AF I had my BFP!! I am 5 weeks pregnant now. We tried to conceived for 3 months before Fertilaid and after Fertilaid it took us only month and a half. I totally recommended this product.