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Country: North America, CA, Canada

City: L6T Brampton, Ontario

  • Ethel Davis "Love to read" - Flavorful and filling - Give it a try!I am not using the product for weight loss only. I am after the nutrition as much. I am a 60 year old female. I have lost 6 lbs since Christmas. I have my shake for breakfast and lunch and eat well in the evening.

    I LOVE the flavor of the shake. This is the first nutrition shake I have ever used that tastes this good. And it is much better than anything I have ever used at keeping me satisfied until my next meal. I have used the healthful mix ins and I love them too. But the flavor of this shake stands on it's own.

    I have not had any desire to add fruit or juice or any of the other things people have named in their reviews. One of my friends, a 30's male feels the same way. We just shake it up and enjoy it twice a day!

    I will see what my Doctor says about my progress when she draws my blood next week for my labs. I am hoping that my bad cholesterol and my blood sugars are down. I will update my review after I get my results.

    When you think of the price, remember you are substituting a whole meal with 12 oz. of milk and 2 scoops of product. That is a pretty inexpensive meal!!

    I am happy every morning as I look forward to fixing and enjoying my shake. Give it a try!

    02/11/2013 My Doctor is totally in favor of me continuing to use this product. I took an empty bag so that she could study it. My lab results were great.

    I am now at 10 lbs lost since Christmas. And I am still loving the flavor of this product.

    I now have 3 friends using the product also. Give it a try!
  • Evan Schlosberg - I am healthy again, thanks to this diet!The day I started the diet I went on to read the reviews to see what people who had tryed it had to say. Reading the encouraging reviews gave me hope and inspired a dream that I would somday be able to write about my own success story. Nothing makes me happier than being able to say that this diet works and I can write to tell about it. Though it may be hard to follow the diet, it is very empowering. All doctors tell you is there is nothing you can do except take your pills and try not to be stressed out(wich is imposible when all you can think about is how sick you are getting). I also became quite the chef and am eating far healthier than I ever imagined I could. When my doctor saw my progress he was dumbfounded. After two months on the diet I was relived of all symptoms and was off prednisone. I had been on an average dose of prednisone before I started the diet and was still progresivly getting worse(also the diet prevented me from gaining wait from the prednisone). My doctor told me the next step was Remacade and even started talking about the posibilities of a colectomy. After I got better and got off my meds I was curious why I got better. Was it the Pills, or the diet? So I tryed an experiment. I ate foods outside of the diet for the first time in 3 months. I started with what I missed most. I had a beer. Two days later I felt somthing I hadnt felt in a month. I spent 2 hours in and out of the bathroom with excrutiatingly painful bool movements. I felt like my body was rejecting somthing that I had put in to it, and it was. Surprisingly several hours later. I felt fine. By the next day the symptoms were gone and I flet fine. This is what I have been through everytime I have accedentaly eaten somthing outside of the diet. Now that I know what happens when I eat the wrong food I make sure it does not happen anymore. If you have UC like I do than you have to try this diet! Get your life back on track with out the deadly sideffects of anti inflamatories. I think this diet can work for everyone. Its just a matter of being disiplined and persistant. Thanks and good luck.
  • Thomas Long "Captain Tom" - One of Cormac McCarthy's best!I didn't know this was an Oprah pick, and if I had I probably wouldn't have read it. But that would have been my loss, because this is one of those books we read infrequently that are just impossible to put down. This is a great story of survival, coping with unbelievable situations, and understanding that life itself is a reason for living.
    McCarthy has a knack for writing terse, pointed sentences (a la Hemingway) that make you sit there with your mouth open, wondering what just hit you! I am not a big fiction reader, but really enjoy reading someone who has such a command of the English language like Cormac McCarthy. My other pick is No Country for Old Men, which is another page-turner.
  • FARMER - A Very Fast Paced NovelAs usual Dan Brown sets a very fast pace from the first paragraph & the excitement winds up tightly from there. As with all his novels, we learn the rich cultural & historic background of each city in the novel. Makes me feel like I would like to visit these cities with this book in my hand!