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  • Mindy - Part of my "I hate to clean" routine!I used to use a cannister vac for my cleaning chores. I hated it! It was awkward and bumped into everything. If it's not super easy to use, my cleaning doesn't get done. So last year I purchased a robot vacuum. It's great for some of my vacuuming but not quite all. So recently I purchased the Dyson DC44 Animal. Combined with my vacuuming robot and my floor scrubbing robot, this was the final piece that made my life so much simpler. It takes very little effort to take it out and spot vacuum. In my flat, it's actually easy to go through and do a fast and thorough touch up or deeper cleaning in some spots. Yes, the Dyson is very expensive! And some of the reviews have not been outstanding. However, with my current configuration it's absolutely perfect. Yes, having to hold the trigger to keep it running can be a bit awkward with my older hands. However, it looks like it should be quite simple to get an inexpensive snap cord to hook around to keep it on (that's my plan). A cheaper vacuum is not money saving since I just don't use it. Between the robot vacuum and the Dyson, I can manage keeping my flat clean in a minimum of time with a minimum of fuss. And if I need a quick pickup, the Dyson is perfect. Although 20 minutes run time seems short, I haven't run out yet. I do bump it up to max (for max 8 minutes) when vacuuming scatter rugs but regular suction is great for everything else. I have a long-haired cat and so have some real cleaning challenges. The Dyson DC44 is an integral part of my cleaning routine after just a few days. I'm now a very happy camper and get my home cleaned easily and quickly thanks to both my robot vacuum and the Dyson DC44 Animal.

    UPDATE: I still love the DC44! Two additions to my comments above:
    1. I found a great solution to the issue about having to hold the trigger to have it keep running. If I want to do more than a quick spot cleaning, I use a Quirky "Bandit" (one of the medium size ones). It's easy to put on and take off and keeps it running without holding on.
    2. I called Dyson support about a small issue and they were really good. I don't think I've found any company recently with that kind of outstanding support.
  • Chris Mejia - The first time I've gone to battle with a cold sore and won...I have been getting cold sores about once a year for as long as I can remember. I have tried many different over-the-counter products, with no proof that they did anything to help the cold sores. I have also tried prescription medications, including Zovirax (Acyclovir) and Valtrex. Though I like to convince myself that the prescription meds helped, they didn't do much. Part of the problem is that you'd like to treat as soon as you know a cold sore is coming, but you may have to call a doctor to get a prescription, and it takes a while for the medicine to build up in your bloodstream, and by the time it starts taking effect you've got an angry cold sore on your hands.

    Christmas Day 2008, I wake up with a Christmas present to myself, the visible start of a cold sore on my upper lip. Yuck. Usually my odds are better if I catch a cold sore in the "tingling" phase, and if I don't notice it until it's visible I'm in deep trouble. Since my prescription had expired and I had no chance of getting it renewed in time, I headed to the drugstore. Abreva seemed to set itself apart from other products. Small tube in a big package with a big price. Oh well, it's worth a shot...

    Anyway, after three days of applying this product whenever possible, the cold sore is on its way out! I can't believe it! The sore never erupted or became ulcerated. The whole process usually takes 10 days to two weeks, and includes an ugly scab at the end. This time, the sore just tested the waters and got a little hot, then the Abreva scared it away. Hurray Abreva! Anyway, I can't guarantee it will work as well for everyone else, but I finally feel that I have found a product that will keep my cold sores under control.
  • bluetwilight - Best foundation in my experienceI have been super pleased with this product compared to other foundations. I used to be hooked to liquids and it was a vicious cycle of bad skin = more foundation = worse skin. It's oilfree and delightful. Great coverage with little powder.

    With this product, I am getting better skin (it's not 100% where I want but it's much better). It's such a breeze to apply compared to liquids and normal matte powders. I recommend their products highly. My eyes have recently become very sensitive to makeup but I can still use their powder liners and eye shadows.

    PS: If this product causes itching, I recommend using exra moisturizer. And you should always wash it off before bed - that's just good makeup sense.