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  • hethr - Love it & it is simple...I really like this coffee maker. I read about it serving somewhat weak coffee. That is definitely was something you can tweak to your liking, if its not already what you like. I can add more or less milk. You can use light to dark roasts and you could even use ground espresso to make it stronger. This was very simple. I like the design. It was fun to watch brew. I can walk away and come back to the machine, and if that top light with the latte cup picture on it is off, then I can turn it off. I was worried about whether it would get the drink hot enough. It did! I am very pleased with this machine. I have gone through a kuerig and bottom line is- I hate to add cold cream to a hot coffee only to cool it down. This was a nice a steamy latte- no foam. My husband likes that foam and was pleased with his foamed milk. Yeah! We found a solution right before a long cold winter:)
  • Justin - Definitely WorksI take 3 pills around 2PM and I eat much less the rest of the day. I often feel like skipping supper. I've lost 16 lbs in about 8 weeks. It really does work. I also exercise and eat right, but this helps me alot with the appetite suppression. Good product.
  • JADJones - A nice SurpriseI have tested many different AntiVirus Software over the last 10 years. Some consume the majority of your system resources and clog your system with giving you little or no protection, where others partially clog and partially protect. Then there is the scanning. I have 3TB of files on my system, most AntiVirus software takes over 2 - 5 hours to scan, and I can not work on my computer at the same time. This one takes less than 2.5 minutes for a full scan. I have yet to find a product that works half as good as a Webroot product. I have used Webroot Spysweeper for five years and I insist my clients use it as well on the computer systems I build or fix for them. When Webroot asked me to Beta test this product I was willing because I felt confident in their products. It installs quickly and then quietly works in the background... so quietly that I actually forgot it was there, until one day it popped up informing me that it found something. Wow, I actually forgot it was there! Just yesterday I was unpacking an "extras" file from a software I had just purchased, and it popped up again telling me that it found a nasty and then gave me detailed step by step instructions, and then it scanned again in case there were any trace/pieces. From start to finish - including scan time - 3 minutes and problem solved. That impressed me, and I do not impress easily. Simply put, you can not buy better, efficient protection anywhere.
  • Anthony B Crease - Brilliant!My first Apple product. I will be using it principally for use in the field for observation of birds. It allows me to carry electronic guide books with a great weight saving, make lists and notes of observations and play songs and calls. It will take a little time to adjust to the Apple interface after PCs, but so far it seems very practical and intuitive. I will also use it for book-reading and I am very pleased to find it so comfortable for reading.

    I would have liked to know that a couple of apps only work properly after synching to iTunes, but I figured it out eventually!
  • Nathan A. Gordon - And Now Hopefully--It's on to 2016!As I write my review of this terrific book, I note that this would be the 94th published customer review so I have decided not to provide a "conventional" review but to offer some observations that may not appear elsewhere (or at least too often elsewhere):

    First, it is absolutely amazing to me that Halperin and Heilemann can get almost all of the major players in the 2012 presidential campaign to provide real-time information that is so confidential and that if it were leaked could be personally devastating to the "leaker's" career. H&H promise their source that the information will only appear in the book and will be "embargoed" until the book is published. Given that the interviews (some 500 of them) began in 2010, this is really astonishing. As was true of their first book, Game Change, I am unaware of any individual identifying any significant error in Double Down.

    Second, H&H each had what looked to have been relatively full-time jobs with magazines from 2010-2012--Halperin employed by Time and Heilemann by New York. In addition, Halperin was a senior political analyst with MSNBC and Heilemann was a political analyst at MSNBC (Note how politically clever Halperin is in that at least to my knowledge, he is the only MSNBC "roving" analyst who thought to negotiate the "senior" title with MSNBC honcho Phil Griffin.) I find it remarkable that they could be so effective and interesting in their contempory writings and television appearances (mainly MSNBC's Morning Joe) yet still be able to keep their promises to their sources by "embargoing" the "juicy stuff" until the book is published.

    Third, at this writing, the big national fiasco is the Obamacare rollout. Mitt Romney's big calling card is supposed to have been his executive skill. Yet readers of this book will be surprised at the tens of missed opportunities that the Romney campaign blew and gaffes that were made. It makes the reader wonder how well Romney--at 65--would have performed as the country's leader.

    Fourth, pundits and would-be pundits who are predicting that the GOP will nominate Chris Christie in 2016 will need to check the index of Double Down and read and re-read all of the Chris Christie references. In particular, I would reference pages 349-353. Christie will be carrying a lot of very heavy baggage into 2016 (and I am not referencing his weight which is going down). It is also clear that one or more of Romney's V.P. "vetters" leaked some of what they found on Christie to the authors--probably as revenge for Christie's stalling tactics, his convention speech in Tampa that didn't reference Mitt and his "Hurricane Sandy" comity with President Obama among other perceived Christie transgressions. I don't remember the last time this happened and it will cause future would-be veeps to seriously wonder whether it is all worth it.

    Fifth, because H&H are so political, I particularly enjoyed the joint Acknowledgments (at the end of the book) and the personal acknowledgments of each of the authors. The joint acknowledgments list scores of political writers, on-air personalities and producers at various NYC and DC media hubs including many at MSNBC. I couldn't help but notice the lack of mention of the very well-respected NBC political guru Chuck Todd. I have noticed a very careful distancing between H&H and Chuck Todd (especially Mark and Chuck when they (occasionally) appear together on Morning Joe) and this lack of acknowledgment is curious at best. Equally interesting is that Mark and John do not even acknowledge each other. I can just imagine the torture that they each put each other through to put together this unbelievable political classic. I think it was well worth it though. I hope they are already starting on their 2016 book.