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  • Edward Caraballo - Instant Power increase, comfort in R&DI had the pleasure of having a 07 Saab 2.0T tuned by Vermont Tuning back in August of 2011. All I can say is wow, almost instant (it's a turbo so not really 'instant' but if you're looking at this you should already know that) torque response that makes an already peppy engine even that much more of a blast to drive. With the amount of R&D and testing that goes into this product you should have no problems and questions/concerns are handled with the utmost professionalism. If you're on the fence about this tuner don't be - it's worth the money and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase it again. Sadly I lost my Saab in a flood and replaced it but I still long for that Tuned Saab. Couple of things to keep in mind. 1. Your "turbo" gauge will go into the Red section, with the tune this is normal, it's a torque gauge anyway not a boost gauge. 2. You'll need to run premium gas with this tune, running anything less than 91 (try and run 93 if it's available) will send your knock count through the roof and retard the timing somethin awful. You don't want to put a hole in your block do you? 3. I had an automatic and under WOT there would be a slight delay in shifts in normal shift mode. This should be normal as it's the transmission requesting a brief pause in torque so you don't eat up your gears.

    Again, you know you want it...do it!
  • WakkyWabbit - Great small referenceIn my opinion, this is the best small drug reference available. Everyone that looks at my Scutmonkey wants one. It is much better than Tarascon. Although I carry Tarascon in my back pocket, I wish it was Scutmonkey. I wish someone could fit all the info in Scutmonkey into the book the size of the small Tarascon. That would be great.

    Scutmonkey is a nice size for a lab coat. It will fit in the back pocket of scrubs but it is a lot heavier and bigger than Tarascon. If I carry Scutmonkey around, someone is always yelling at me to "pull my pants up." I feel like one of them homely rapper people.
  • Rocco B. Rubino "Rocco R." - Wickedly funny...Stunningly insightful.What maks Ann Coulter so fascinating to me is the wide range of visceral reactions she genrates, whether it be in person, i.e. being interviewed on t.v., or in forums such as this. No one is indifferent when it comes to her.

    For as far back as I can remember ( I am 44) the liberals have had virtual hegemony in the media, academia, entertainment, vitually all avenues of expression until Rush Limbaugh broke the choke-hold in 1988 opening the way for people like Ann, et. al. to come on the scene and present an alternative viewpoint.

    The world has not been the same since, and the liberals have not recovered.

    The pattern Ann puts forth in her book of how liberals meet disagreement or opposition of their point of view with violence, or disrespect (such as the case of the college liberals burning the campus Republican newspapers), even plays itself out in my daughter's 8th grade enrichment class. She has a "liberal" teacher who tries to propagandize the class with her viewpoints. If anyone disagrees with her, she admonishes them to "keep an open mind;" as if "keeping an open mind" means that you can only be open minded if you agree with me! What's with these liberals anyway?

    A treasure-trove compendium of her columns over the years unmasking the sophistry of the likes of the New York Times, the Democratic party, the French looking failed presidential candidate Jean Francios Kerry, and many, many more.

    This bete-noir of the American left is a breath of fresh air with her incisive wit, biting satire, and merciless sarcasim. She takes no prisoners and makes no apoligies. Ann is a true patriot. A funny lady with a unique writing style that is sure to entertain as well as educate. A must read for all.