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City: 60148 Lombard, Illinois

  • Austin Boos - Great Game! IGNORE NEGATIVE REVIEWS!!!All I have to say is that the reviews about this game are mostly people saying the game is bad because the Online-DRM. Most people play games while they are connected the internet anyways. So Stop complaining about always having to be connected to their servers.

    I bought this game a week after it was released ignoring the negative reviews it had. I installed the disc version in about 15 minutes and when i first started playing the game, i became addicted to it. This game has such an in depth way of simulating a city. This is nothing like simcity 4. Simcity 4 is boring compared to this game. there are many more options when you go into the multiplayer region with friends! I played in a region with 2 other friends and we worked together to become a massive region that worked together to sustain ourselves.

    This game deserves more credit than nasty reviews about people complaining that they couldn't connect to the servers. It was the first few days. Give EA a break. i know this happened to other EA games before, Like Battlefield 3 for the Xbox 360 and Diablo 3, but now they are past that and the game needs to have many new reviews to show the true game, not the "unable to connect" and "DRM SUCKS."

    5 out of 5. If you have second thoughts, i would encourage you to purchase this game! I also recieved the free game to. So i got 2 games for 45 Dollars! Battlefield 3 for PC and Simcity 2013, for $45, Great deal. Check Ebay for deals and Amazon on a copy of simcity.
  • Karen P. Moss "magicabounds" - Love it!!!I ordered these for my grandkids after I never got to use my own when they all visit. This is the perfect tablet for everyone. I love mine, my daughter loves hers and the kids range in age from four to almost eleven and its great for all of them. Even the youngest can operate it easily. The only thing is if you buy this for kids you need to place controls on what they can buy and turn off one click pay. I have had to cancel a few orders, but all in all it is perfect for anyone, no matter the age.
  • tarnold - Crackle Crack from Cherimoya...One Christmas I received a mini set of 6 of this product and although I had never heard of this brand was very skeptical of it. I had purchased several brands of crackle nail polish that really didn't crackle. Or it crackled in such a way it looked like I had fallen asleep with my nails still sticky and my polish had wrinkled it was that bad. In the mean time I began getting into nail art, and collecting polishes; metallics, shimmers, cremes, glitters, etc and ended up with a lot-virtually any color one can envision and separated them by season and colors. I had put the mini set give to me that Christmas in their respective bags with like colors intending to use them when I got to them figuring they would mediocre rather than trying them out. Well, I came across one and decided to try it half-heartedly, and to my amazement, the color i tried crackled beautifully! It was amazing! I then wished i could find a crackle polish in more colors than the six I had, but wasn't sure I would be able to find them anymore after all nearly a year had passed since that Christmas. I was told the set was bought on Amazon, so on a whim, searched out this brand to see if it was still sold. I found the singles, and was going to buy some, that is until I found this set! I work part time and after bills don't have a lot of money to spend, but after adding together how much it would cost to buy most of these colors separately, decided to purchase this set. And I am glad I did!! The order was put in, which arrived much sooner than I expected. All bottles were intact, useable, and packed well in these 4 little plastic containers which separated into six bottles per container. None were dried out, and most were of perfect consistency and the one or two that were a bit thick for my liking were easily thinned with polish thinner. I have used a few and just as the mini set I received all crackled perfectly unlike many more expensive brand named polishes with less than perfect results. Again, I am pleased both with the seller as well as the product itself. Thank you very much!!!
  • N. McDaniel - Still goingI purchased this software originally three years ago and keep renewing. (I bought this version as a renewal key and also updated the software).

    Works great--doesn't seem to be a resource hog.

    I needed to update the Norton Firewall to allow access from my home network PCs (one of my Win 7 computers shares files), and I often disable the internet toolbars, but I have no complaints and will continue to use this software in the future as long as they still do a good job securing the PC without killing resources.
  • FlyingPolarBear - Best audiophile sound quality with this feature setCompared to other receivers in this price range, the Denon AVR-E400 has the best sound quality. Denon has long been known for its sound quality, and this model is no exception. The AVR-E400 has the full set of encoders (Dolby, THS, Audyssey) while the others skip a few encoders. The Audyssey implementation is outstanding. The closest competitor is the Onkyo TX-NR626, but the Onkyo sound processing quality is weak compared to the Denon.

    I don't care much about the other Internet features, because that's not the primary purposes of an A/V receiver if you're serious about great sound. The AVR-E400 has AirPlay, but it's better to use a separate AppleTV box for AirPlay so I don't see that as a big advantage. Some critics point to the lack of WiFi, but in my view it's much better to have a separate WiFi adapter, which would make it easier to keep up with the latest wireless technology that changes every 2 years. So that's not a disadvantage.

    If it's all about the sound quality, Denon is still by far the best choice.