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Buttercups Training - NVQ (QCF) Centre for Pharmacy Services Level 2 and Level 3 Qualifications - Buttercups Training is a NVQ (QCF) Centre for Pharmacy Services Level 2 and Level 3 Qualifications - Courses for Dispensing Assistants and Pharmacy Technicians. Buttercups Training is the first training provider to achieve RPSGB accreditation of its support staff training Programmes.


Country: Europe, GB, United Kingdom

City: NG1 Nottingham, Nottingham

  • Johnny K. Young "JohnnyK" - Easy to Install, Easy to UseJust got this yesterday due to a mail snafu (on the part of my local carrier)and installed it last night. Plotted an imaginary trip from here to Santa Barbara, CA. The points of interest, restaurants and motels showed up on the plotted route very well as did locations to get gasoline. All in all, I'd say that this program is superior in a lot of ways to other mapping software out there and well worth the price. Plus, you have the option of updating your route as you go in case of construction, etc.
  • Jeffrey L. Blackwell - Excellent guide for taking personal responsibility for your healthAlthough this was compiled for village health-care, it is also a useful general guide to low-cost medical procedures & medicines. It includes excellent sections on ways to prevent and contain serious illnesses.
  • Ardent shopper "Careful Spender" - EnergizingThe Garden of Life Raw Meal (Vanilla) replacement works well for me. A serving is about 4 oz of dense, mealy, crumbly, greenish powder. The flavor is that of ground sprouted grains. I use this daily and mix it in a large Magic Bullet mug with water, baby greens and frozen blueberries. The greens improve the taste and texture of the blended drink. This stuff is easily digestible, filling and energizing. I am satisfied for about 5 hours. Highly recommended.