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  • Shawn K. Maravel "SKiM88" - The Road to HumanityThe road was not just a journey shared between father and son, it was a journey that tested the limits of humanity. A slow and steady walk through the wasteland that was once civilization, trying to find hope in the human race.

    The story isn't about what happened to cause the mass devastation, it's about what has come of it. The weakness and strength of the human spirit, what lengths one will go to for love. Fighting to survive isn't just about life but about how one lives their life.

    This book for me, though repetitive at times, which was my only real complaint, serves as a much greater message than just the journey shared between father and son. It's not simply a story about survival, it's one about not losing yourself when faced with loss so devastating that even hope is scarce.

    It makes you think. Not only do you feel the cold as they walk unprotected through the dead landscape, but you enjoy the sip of Coke, the simple pleasure of finding a can of food. It makes you think that, while life can be hard at times, it's not about what you're faced with, it's how you can overcome it, no matter what the odds.
  • thar757 - A True Game-ChangerI will not be crude, but will be direct. This product is up there with aspirin and statins as one of the top medications of all time. Simply put, I was almost constantly constipated, with intervals of 3 or more days between BM's. When I had one, they were extremely hard, thus both painful and toilet clogging. Since I have started taking Align, I have been regular and with normal texture. Also, I do not feel as bloated, thus I feel better (actually back to normal). I am 54 and thus my problems prior to taking Align were somewhat expected. This product is one I would highly endorse.
  • Patricia Casablanca - Pueen 2013 LOVE ELEMENTS Stamping PlatesI really love all the designs, so pretty & interesting. They are different enough from other plates to inspire different looks easily. I love that they are larger than average & cover my large nails nicely. I also love, love, love the case they came in. I wish all plates came with such a holder like this.
  • sally parkinson - this is the best make-up ever!!!I have beeb using Bare Escentual make-up for many years and I will never use any other brand!!!I do not like to look "made-up"and I love how natural the results are plus the ease of operation. I want to try the new brush with the foundation included in it..I love these products and I have convinced many menbers of my family to use them too..
  • Life Learner "Absorber Of Books" - The Most Important Book For Men Who Interact With WomenThis is the Manosphere condensed into one volume. This is the most important reading for men who interact with women at any level. This explains *everything* of importance about them. If you have not read this book, you are not getting as much Cooperation as you could and are putting yourself and your future in imminent danger as you are ignorant how attraction really works. Women should read this book and give it to their male family members to help them stay out of divorce court. This book should be re-read every 3 months. Rating: 9.9875 of 10.