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  • Geraldine Walters - A monthly message magazine that keeps me informed about The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-SaintsThis magazine comes to me every month. It contains messages from leaders of my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day-Saints. It also has other articles that are inspiring and uplifting and helps me in my life. Twice a year it brings the written messages from our General Conferences so we can review what we had heard live from our General Authorities.
  • Cathy - Align kept me strongI have never written review for anything, but 'Align' has changed my life and today I thought I owe this review to the produce. I started using Align 2 months ago accidently when I was in a pharmacy and sick of IBS symptoms was trying to find some treatments. I had tried everything for 4 years, and all of them useless. Starting taking Align, I never had those symptoms back again. Just once during these 60 days which is a real improvement for my kind of IBS. I also need to say, these 2 months have been the most stressful days of my life and I have been through a lot of financial problems and everybody knows IBS gets really worse in times of stress.
    Align kept me strong.
  • Ivan Cvetko - Best source for learningI come from another programming language (Visual Basic and Delphi), and for me, this book is the best book for start C# and come to intermediate level of knowledge. No meter if the C# is your first learning language, Mr. Solis make beginner easy to complete chapter by chapter. Also under the text have visually show what he teach trough text, and this small illustration are so well designed, not exaggerated like in Head First books.

    Take my opinion, and if You want to learn and start with powerful programming language like C Sharp, this book is must have!