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  • Julie - Warm feet at nightCold feet in winter -- the worst! But the hubby doesn't like a foot warmer in the bed (although his feet get bitterly cold), so I didn't feel I could get an under-the-sheet, full-width warmer. This pad works well. I turn it on before I start to get ready for bed and it gets warm very quickly. I use it on the lowest setting possible and it warms my feet but doesn't progress to burn or even uncomfortably hot. I like the automatic off feature, just in case I should fall asleep and not turn it off. However, if I need it to be constantly "on" for another use, then it's easy to change to that feature. Well worth the price for warm tootsies and easier sleep.
  • A. M. Taylor - i need my two hole punchedWOW,I must have been living in the 1960's. Now that I have 47% access to this binder I realize that as a woman supervisor of 8 men at my job, I can now keep track of all my hopes and day dreams about having equality not only in the work force but as a gay/mom/female gun owner too. I can now catalog my gun information, right next to my pamper coupons for my baby, gas bill, electric bill, mortgage bills, car payment, HOA bills, medical bills, cable and phone bills, grocery lists, childcare bills. Now that I have this, I understand that I have to finally take repsonsiblity for my life. Whoah, I have been a total pink frilly fog for 40 years util now. Now that i know how to strenghten my family and find equality with an easy to use binder, life just seems much more American. Thanks binder.
  • Biblioholic Beth - "Check your baggage"Of course I had heard of Mean Girls (though I never saw the movie), and I had also heard of the book it was based on. But when those came out, I didn't have a daughter and so didn't pay a whole lot of attention. However, I now have a 12-year-old son. Granted, we have a pretty darn good relationship (at least, that's what I've been told by other parents), but I want to learn how to keep it that way. I'm no pushover - I'm the mean mom of the neighborhood. But I try very hard to be respectful of my son's thoughts and opinions. Knowing that things may become more difficult as he gets older and enters high school, I was curious about this book and whether it would actually be helpful.

    I have found this book to be chock-full of fantastic information, much of it highlighted with perspectives from boys themselves. I have highlighted passages, folded pages over, and already thought of a few friends who are raising boys that might also benefit from this book. I can see this book being used repeatedly as my son continues to grow and learn about who he is. I like that the book is broken into sections about specific issues, making it easy to refer to when necessary. I *love* the fact that she assembled a team of boys in a large variety of ages who give a lot of insight. It may not always be the insight that parents will WANT to hear, but knowing it's coming straight from the horse's mouth gives it significant value within the scope of this book.

    I believe that this is a book that I will be referring to again and again. It's truly a valuable resource for parents of boys, but also for those who work closely with boys (teachers, clergy, counselors, etc.). I cannot recommend this highly enough! I rarely give 5-star reviews, but I firmly believe that this book deserves that rating.
  • Michelle F. Blair - Not perfect, but simply excellent...This product is really a great thing for naturals to try. It provides excellent slip, definition, and hold on wet two strand twists. It's not perfect. But what product is perfect? The secret to making this work well is a bonus: try to use it as sparingly as you can because if you use too much, you will see flakes. Also, another product with more weight/moisture is needed to complement the Meringue, in my opinion. So, that's exactly what I do. I've complemented it with Frederic Fekkai's piecing and forming wax (super for twist definition and style longevity); with Carol's Daughter's Mimosa Hair Honey (a little too much on the oily side, but great for sheen and maintaining separation between individual twists when they are taken out); and with random butters that I have mixed.

    Overall, I think Miss Jessie's products do not carry enough weight/moisture (for me). I like to feel the moisture in my hair for several days out after a wet two strand twist. I have tried the buttercreme and the pudding, and they did not provide enough moisture. The Meringue doesn't either, but what wonderful slip! My hair is so smooth and silky once this product touches it! For this reason, I think this product is awesome! And who new? You don't even need to use that much of it for each application. I actually stopped buying the 16 ounce jars because they lasted too long. The Meringue is also on the lower end of the price spectrum for Miss Jessie's products. So, the value on this relative to other products from Miss Jessie's is tremendous. The main drawback is that you need to complement Meringue with at least one other product to lock in more moisture for wet two strand twists.

    P.S. A note to those with super thick hair (like me): the smaller the twist and the longer you give your hair to COMPLETELY dry, the longer the twist out will last. This advice may also be useful to other hair types. My trick: Twist the hair so beautifully that I can comfortably wear it twisted as a style for several days to let it dry, and untwist it to last for another week to week and a half... Voila! I hope more folks join the club of African naturals. I have not been to a salon in 4 years. It is liberating in itself and enriching to help other girls and women of color see that it can be done!
  • C. Woodruff - This album is now old enough to vote.That in and of itself blows my mind. I don't need to go in depth about the style and impact of this music, but I will say that I am still waiting for someone to top it... but I'm not holding my breath. If you are too young to have heard this one the first time around, pick it up. Cuts like Unfinished Sympathy, Daydreaming, and Safe From Harm helped to create and define trip-hop. The album takes some unexpected turns, unlike later Massive albums that tend to maintain one sound throughout an album. That's not a bad thing. When I first got the album, I wanted it for the grooves for dance class and the gym, so I skipped a a few tracks that didn't fit that vibe for me. I don't skip them anymore. It's that kind of album. Put it on a good pair of headphones, lean back, and enjoy.