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  • JRC Reno - Once again, an Excellent GuideHave been lucky to have visited Italy several times in the past couple of years, using several Rick Steves guides, i.e. Italy, Rome, Venice, and Florence & Tuscany each time. Did not hesitate buying Italy 2013 for our journey next May to Northern Italy. I have used Rick Steves guides for 18 years and will continue to use them as a base guide and point of departure for wherever we go in Europe. One joy is re-reading the guides after returning home and reviewing where we were, often nodding in agreement while thinking 'Yes, exactly.'
    There is a reason the title is "Rick Steves' Italy" - it is not an all-inclusive listing of all things Italy - it is a very well informed guide to the 'Best Of' places a new traveler to the region would get the most bang for their buck. Rick Steves guides do not attempt to list every village, town, or city - but those in which an average American traveler will likely find a memorable Italy. The Internet is great for searching for more details - such as specific hotel information - like a Single room rate - if a hotel has a website, the Guide lists it. This Guide book is a fantastic point of departure to plan a great trip to Italy.
    City guides, such as for Rome or Venice, include the details from the Italy book Plus more details. I personally enjoy each. And, once are plans are set, I add the eBook Kindle version on my iPad, instead of ripping apart the paperback version and taking only the pertinent sections like the old days.
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  • Fitness Dancer Mommy of Two "Work from home w... - Inspiring story from a beautiful you womanThis is an inspiring story. In the end, you are left with realizing the importance of gratitude. Elizabeth Smart survived some absolutely horrific situations from an incredibly evil man and woman, and yet she did not allow it to steal her life. She has remained grateful for all the wonderful things that have happened to her in the other months of her life. Even during those horrific 9 months, she has found plenty to be grateful for.

    She is a survivor, and she never gave up on her faith. It is beautiful to read this story of love and hope and family. This is a must read book! My hope for Elizabeth and her family is that they all continue to be happy and life beautiful lives.