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  • M. J. Leonard - My new ball

    My index is a 11.3. I play multiple a week when the weather permits. For the past 2 years I was playing the Callaway Tour iZ. Then I found one of these on the course and thought I would give it a try. The wind was in my face on the first two holes and I didn't want lose an iZ. Teed up the e6 and let the driver go. I could tell from my swing that I came across it slightly so I was waiting for a big fade. It didn't happen and it went farther than the iZ. I thought it was a fluke but it wasn't. It has about the same bite around the green as the Callaway iZ which is fine with me.

    The cons for me are sometimes inconsistent distances and having to learn the new distance for my irons.

  • Lolynn - Part of my routine

    These pills have become part of my routine and I am going to stick with them. One a day and I am ready to go. It may burn your stomach if you take them combined with other supplements so make sure to eat some breakfast with it. For me, this solved many of the skin rashes I was experiencing. Health starts from within. Take your supplement and you will improve.

  • MARTY MCCLOSKEY - great price / free shipping

    Thanks to Alpine Racing Technology(ARTECH)for great price on SWIX performance vise T2121. Good packaging and promotional super saver FREE shipping is well appreciated when it comes to web ordering because it is usually a deciding factor in my purchases.
    As to the product;I've talked to several ski technicians concerning their choice on ski vises.The simpicity of the T2121 was recommended because it's ability to easily set up all width skis without having to raise or lower the height adjustable end support.
    My solitary concern about this ski vise is the rubber "band" binding tie down-I hope it is a better grade rubber than the SWIX brake retainers.Those bands have a very short use life!