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  • Brian Benton - Great Training BookAutoCAD 2011 and AutoCAD LT 2011: No Experience Required is fantastic. Mr. Gladfelter does a tremendous job of taking us from a bare bones starting point and getting us through one of the must complicated and versatile design programs out there. The book is meant for the beginner or novice, however as an experienced user of AutoCAD I found it enjoyable to read and very informative. If you need to learn AutoCAD or to brush up on your CAD Skills, this is a great resource. If you are a CAD Manager and need help in training your users, look here. If you are a drafting instructor in a middle school or high school, try this book out.

    Donnie takes us all the way through the design process in AutoCAD and gives us advice on what to do and what not to do. The book is written in a way that makes learning the software enjoyable. Lets face it, this is AutoCAD not an action adventure novel. Click here, click here and click there can get boring. Not here. Each lesson is informative,precise and thorough. If you have used AutoCAD before and need to sharpen your skills or need to expand on what you can do with the program, get this book.
  • Lissette Olivero - I love iti love it :) I wasn't expecting much I got much more the best tablet ever thanks amazon! :) Amazon is the best! plus I get to stream movies and watch them over my tablet :) its awesome
  • Free Speech Lover "Free Speech Lover" - Perfect For My NeedsNo, I'm not a "her." But I have a problem -- and this pen solved it.

    See, I write for a living, and as a hobby. I've been told that I'm too aggressive, brusque, and judgmental in my writing, and that I am not good at fostering client relationships or encouraging staff.

    My secretary gave me one of these pens. Now my memoranda and letters are nurturing, supportive, and empathetic. Also I have landed three new clients in the cleaning-product and personal hygiene industries. I want to thank BIC for their insight into gender issues. They are really wonderful. So wonderful. I feel like . . . okay I need a minute here.